Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Pain of Love

The waves lapped at her feet, tickling her toes. Her beautifully carved hands adorned her lap. Her head was balanced on her elbows while the feral wind blew her long tresses in wild circles. Her gorgeous face rested peacefully while the smile had been washed off . A tear trickled by her rosy cheeks.

She was waiting…….just like yesterday……her engagement day.


The ambience was serene and there was an eerie purple glow to the water in the ocean. The full moon in the sky provided a brilliant light. The velvet dark clouds drifted by, soothing the damp air. The sand at the shore enjoyed the touch of her feet. Her long locks touched the water nearby and her magic charm was transferred.

Then the clock tower nearby struck 3. The moon light dimmed and dark clouds hovered above. Towards the East, the sun was rising slowly and some red harsh rays were visible on the horizon.

She gasped deeply for breath…..she tried standing but it was futile, her legs and hands had lost life.. All that kept her alive was her fluttering heart….. which as letting go too.

Then slowly, she breathed her last breath…but she couldn’t leave without a trace… The slow drops of the drizzle washed off her tears….

If only you had said, I Love Someone else- today would not have been the last day of my life.” The words rung in the air.

The diamond studded engagement ring was shimmering far more bright than the velvety moon hanging in the sky. 

There was no one around. She was the lone figure, the most beautiful, far more beautiful than the sea or the moon…..but lifeless charismatic beauty it was!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Good Old Tags

Long time since I did the good old tags :)

This one is from  jaggu and m.flower. Thanks to them!

It's a question answer round which goes thus:

1. If you can have a dream come true, what would it be?

A. There are so many….I guess having 1000 more dreams come true :P

2. Why do you blog?

A. It’s given in my ABOUT ME page……

3. Which is more blessed: loving someone or being loved by someone?

A. What do yo think? Loving my family or being loved by my family? I mean….this question has no answer!

4. If you could root for one social cause, what would it be?

A. Increasing literacy rates in the country

5. What takes you down the fastest?

A. Lies and buttering

16. What resurrects you the fastest?

A. God, Family and Friends and books

7. What’s your fear?

A. Obsession to good books and blogging? LOL! Nah….God!

8. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?

A. Cool and friendly 

9. What’s the purpose of such Tags?

A. To get more post ideas?

10. Would you forgive and forget someone no matter how horrible a thing he has done?

A. I usually try to forget but if its too horrible, I come to revenge…ha…ha…:cruel me:

11. Who/what inspired you to start blogging?

A. My dad and other blogs

12. Tag 6 people.

Not doing this….anyone can pick up this tag!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just A Matter of Time


It is just a matter of time
Before the wound heals
It is just a matter of time
Before it stops to bleed

It is just a matter of time
Before you move on
It is just a matter of time
Before it won’t matter for long

It is just a matter of time
When the heart won’t hurt
It’s is just a matter of time
When the blood won’t burst

Just have a little patience
And bear it all the way
And when you see it’s bright again
You know it is the end today!

P.S- My exams are beginning soon so I'm all decked up with books these days. Forgive me for not visiting your blogs. Don't forget me, for I'll be back soon. Till then, keep reading..........

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Eternal Friend

That night I was sitting in the balcony, sky gazing. The watchman, Shyam Bhaiya, was whistling tunelessly and hitting his stick at the colony gate from time to time.

It was a clear night and the moon was shining bright. The beauty and serenity of the ambience was broken by a sudden whimpering from downstairs.

I hate dogs, I literally do. I hate them to the core. So naturally, I just ignored the howling. I thought Bhaiya would do something. After a fifteen minute break, I returned to the balcony again. The voice was still audible. It struck my mind….I decided to go down and check.

On the way, I hastened by the guard house and saw Shyam Bhaiya dreaming and snoring away to glory…I decided not to wake him up. Just made a face at him and ran on.

There was construction going on in the colony. So the workmen had dug a shallow hole in the ground, which hadn’t been closed. It was pitch dark and I knew the noise was coming from within. It was 11:30 Pm at night so naturally everyone was asleep. I was so stupid and sick, to run down three stories this late at night just to check a stupid dog.

Fortunately, I was wearing my digital clock with a light. I pressed the light button and stooped down and looked into the hole. Pebble like black eyes stared back at me….and then I remembered.

A week ago, my friends at the colony had brought an injured pup and mom back with them. The pair was badly injured as a car had almost run over them. The mother of the small pup died on the way, and the pup, who was just two days old, was left alone.

The children brought it home and gave it milk and food. I watched from a distance. I disliked the pup just at first glance. It was dirty and stinking, all swathed with mud. The black ears poked from the back and a stinky, red, saliva drooling tongue. It was hate, detest, abhor for it, at first sight.

And then the hate strengthened furthermore. My friends forgot me and played with the pup. All their time was devoted to her. I hated it and blamed her for stealing my friends from me.

Back to today, it was the same pup who was staring back at me.

The revulsion strengthened to the limits. I just spat and moved away. It whimpered again.

But this time, don’t know what happened to me. I came back running, stooped the little pup in my hands and gently took it out.

I stared at my pup again and it stared back. Big black eyes looked into mine. The eyes had a depth….a fire….but something was missing. Yes, the love…..the care….the affection….of a mother. I looked at it again, but this time with a different outlook. It stood before me as an orphan. An orphan who had someone right now, but no idea what would happen next. An orphan who looked up to others.

I picked up the dirty and bruised pup in my hands and carried it home. I wiped her well with a damp soft towel. It was gleaming now. It’s bright coat shining in the light. It had a really sweet face that I had ignored before. I boiled some milk and gave it to her in my favorite saucer.

The pup was so small that it could fit into my small drawer. I took it with me, and wrapped her in my mother’s shawl. And then we slept together…….and for days to come.

I named her Abha, which means light. For she is the gem of my life now. She is the best friend I have and will ever have!

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Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year Tag

I found this really interesting tag at BB's place and decided to do it myself.


It's a New Year Meme and here goes:

1. Looking back on 2008, what might your theme song have been?

Ummm…..I guess Bum Bum Bole!

2. If 2008 was a movie, who would play you?

Okay…that’s silly. I mean who can play a better Me than ME??

3. What was your greatest gift of 2008?

OMG! Real tough question! I guess my friends and family have always been there for me to never let me feel like I don’t have something.


4. What is your New Year Resolution or, what are you committing to this year?

Better grades, better books and improved quality of writing…….and cooking better

5. If January could be represented by one song, what would it be?

Any song that describes the biting cold around here!!!

6. What do you wish for your body in 2009?

No fever or flu! And many more good clothes :D

7. Name one new thing you would love to try in the New Year.

Wowie… tour??

8. What do you long for 2009 to bring?

My next birthday??


9. If that happened, how would you feel?


10. Where would you love to vacation in 2009 if money were no object?

Space….thank gosh it’s possible now….a vacation on the moon sounds fun :D


11. What would you like the theme of 2009 to be?


12. If 2009 was a book, and the title was 5 words or less, what might the title be?

A Happy Life

Another tag is from Harsh!

Thanks bro :D

1.The age you will be on your next birthday 

Okay….that’s easy….so it goes for you to guess! :D


2.A place you’d like to travel to

Florida….Madame Tussauds…….and around thw world


3.Your favorite place

Okay!! My balcony and terrace….LOL! I love birds….so any place where scenic beauty is visible does for me :D


4.Your favorite Food / Drink

Am a big foodie….so don’t ask me that…..but I love Chinese and grandma’s cooked food!


5.Your favorite pet 

Frankly, am scared of cats and dogs……yup…even small ones or pups….but I’d love to have birds


6.Your favorite color combination

Ummmm………I like pink and black :D


7.Your favorite piece of

Nothing particular….anything that looks good and is comfortable!


8.You all time favorite song 

Hindi song- Mitwa

English- Summer of ‘69


9.Your favorite TV show 

Am a TV lover………can watch anything or everything that comes on TV :P


12.Your screen name / nickname

Silly question….that’s obviously visible!


13.Your First Job 

Huh?? AM just in grade 8!!!!


14.Your Dream Job 

Okay…Writer or Scientist and preferably Doctor


15.Bad Habit you have 

Wowie….too many :D


16.Your worst fear 

A day without computer, Tv and library!


17.The one thing you would like to do before you die 

Live like I’d never die! BTW, here’s the LIST



18. The first thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000 

Give it to dad and then whatever I like, I’d ask for money……laptop….mobile…i-pod….. to tell you guys about my birthday on 1st. Jan. I and my twin bro had a gala time. A new year aprty was arranged on 32st, and as the clock struck twelve, we celebrated our birthday along with new year. We got a new bicycle as a gift and lots of chocolates, clothes and mp3 from friends and family.

Now school opens and back to old life! 

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