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Terrorism : The Aftermath. The Other Side Of The Story

We all know that the threat of terrorism has now become more deadly. Everyday, we read about it in newspapers, see on TV screens, watch movies on such themes or discuss about it in our daily life.

This is a fictional dedication to all terrorist victims at the recent Mumbai blast.

This is about the other side of the story of the aftermath of terrorism.

Ronny could not stop the tears from flowing as he turned to the end of the letter. He let them flow, starching the faded ink on the almost torn paper. He let his tears be soaked in his shirt and the paper. He had no qualms.

He remembered little Ronny flipping through a faded photo album. The album in his hand was old and faded pages almost yellow and crumpled. Ronny was only 7 years old then.

Ronny’s mother came from the kitchen and gave a scream of exclamation when she saw the album in his hands. She hurriedly snatched it from his hands and let the glass of milk spill on the floor. Turning a deaf ear to her son’s cries, she took strong hold of one of the pictures Ronny was holding and placed it away, on a high shelf and rebuked him for touching things that were not meant for him.

Ronny still remembered the photograph though. It was the photo of a man, well-built and tall. He was fair, with silky hair that fell on his forehead and gave him a mystic charming appeal. He wore subtle specs and had a handsome personality on the whole.

Some years later, when Ronny was fifteen, some men in green uniforms visited his house. They were abominable looking people and though Ronny was a big strong boy then, he forsook the door to his mother.

Then what happened was unbelievable.

The men pulled up his mother, her scream renting a horrible ambience to the air. They pulled her away as she turned towards him and gave a long loud wail which was untimely stifled as the men pushed her into the car and drove off. Ronny stood there staring….. as if it was the scene of a movie going on.

The next few years were spent in turmoil and confusion. The brilliant student, Ronny missed a year or two. Soon after what happened to his mother, his uncle rescued him and took him away to a foreign land.

His Uncle and Aunt gave him all the care and love that he desired, but it was different from mom- there was SYMPATHY in their love.


After reading through the tear stained letter more than once, he then took the small bottle of sleeping tablets that lay nearby. And before gobbling them, he wrote a letter too. Another one….. and then…all was over. His eyes closed, blood dripped from his mouth and it was the last letter and last breath of Ronny’s life.

In his letter he wrote:

Dear all,

I’m Ronny. I’m sure there is no surprise about the name. You must have heard it pretty often, eh? I’m all around the news as I’m the new fodder for media.

When I was young, I thought I was playing the negative role in some movie, for though I studied hard and did well, no school gave me admission.

I did not loose hope. I studied at home; unaware of what was happening around. I qualified as much or much more than you can in a university. Though I was most capable, none of the companies gave me a job. I neglected their atrocities and looked at life positively, always wondering if something was wrong in me.

I never read newspapers or opened news channels for my Uncle had denied me the pleasure. I agreed, for he was the one who gave me LIFE. They always told me my mother was alive, but though I couldn’t see her. She sent me a letter on every birthday.

Today is my twentieth birthday and in today was the last day of mother’s life. I’m happy for her…. for the end of her sufferings and a blissful life in HEAVEN.

But the letter she sent. That is what hurts.

My father, a terrorist? The handsome young man in the photo that I accidentally stumbled upon when I was seven? No not possible!

But it is so! That’s the reason why life disowned me …. friends deserted me, intellectual general people spoke ill of me? Is that why? But what did I do?? What is wrong in me?

I know the answer, MY FATE IS HORRIFIC. Alas! I was born to the family of a man who was a rebel. But what did mom do? Why did you do that to her??

Enough! I cannot take anymore for father’s sins. I cannot suffer. Oh lord, I come to thee hoping You to be more caring than these animals on Earth.



If you do not care enough for yourselves, for other common people, do think a minute about YOUR OWN FAMILY which has to suffer due to your sins.

You can also read: "Pages From A Diary" - an imaginary journal of an 18 year old boy affected by terrorism attack and "Tonight" - a short poem dedicated to Mumabi Terror Victims.


Swetha Padakandla

that was really awesome!
meghna, i still remember ur post on terrorism which is "pages from diary"
i always loved it.. and i still do!

this one was another master piece of urs!
we all think so much! but why doesnt these terrorist understand anythng?
:'( why hasnt god given them brain! :(


wow..that was really a remarkable way to show the real path of love and affection to terrorists...but sumtimes u kno these suicide bombers die for their family so that the money after his sacrifice should able to feed the surviving members of his family...

Still ..I loved the new way of writing it...and I am so proud of ya for that :)


Whoa ! Wonderful sent across kiddo.

But you know what DD says is right. The terrorists who turn suicide bombers n stuff do it for their own family, and at time more often than not the family is aware of the situation. Who is to be blamed ?!

But I love what you wrote ! Kudos.

Truth and Lies
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Truth and Lies

Hmm. Nice. I've also often thought about life on the other side. A nice viewpoint. Keep it up.

BTW, in reply to my comment you said you wished you were in my time.
I'm not 80 years old. I'm 18, and I just passed out of school. So plz don't make me feel old. ;)

BTW, check out my blog if you get the time. I'm still a beginner

I think you spelled "lose" wrong at one point in the write up.


that was very well written meghna!! It tells a lot of things about you and your though process... again, very well written!! :)

Arti Honrao

A very important msg shared by use of simple words.

Well done!



dats Impressive !!! Carry On Mademoiselle !! [:D]


@swetha - Yes, it may be read as a continuation of my earlier story. Glad that you liked it. Thanks.


@daydreamer- That is a different angle, interesting. Maybe that is why.... Thank you for sharing this.


@cindy- Yes, you are right. That is an important angle. Thank you.


@truth&lies- Oh, I didn't man that :) Thanks for the clarification. Also thank you for pointing out the spello.


@sakhi- Thank you.


@arti- Thanks and glad that you liked the story!


@chiya- Thanks for dropping by, commenting and encouraging me :)))


really nice story..and I kinda agree wid Sourish!!



Read this and the ones you suggested. All I can say it that you have brought out after-affects of terrorism very truthfully. If these people had mind of their own, do you think they would have done what they did? They are totally brainwashed and do not even realise what affets would their acts have not only on the innocent victims but their own kith & kin.

Take care

Hemanth Potluri

nice way u put the post sis...i never want to discuss abt people who dont value life..



@rahul- Thank you. Me too....


@jack- I agree with you completely. They don't even think of about their own family... Thanks for dropping by and commenting.


@hemanth- Yes, they are people who don't value life. Thank you.

As the Mind Meanders

Touching... I wish it was longer though...

I am a lover of children's literature

Very nice. I honestly don't know where you get such a great imagination, but a great imagination and literary skills you have.

For that, we your readers are thankful!


@ Mind Meanders- WOW! That's a first tiem request......and imagine me thinking this psot is too long to be read and liked :|
WIll try harder next time...thanks !


@ Don- ANd I am awfully thankful ttooooo....muahhh :)

sulo badri

oh my!

i am speechless... n i prefer to be tht way...

heart is spkin.. mind is racin.. tht is enuf justice to the post...



That was remarkable,buddy! Tag that as a master piece of yours..
I've always said that before ki terrorists are generally people groped in to believe that the other party is a menace to their family and community, and they are filled with anger and aggression which ends're definitely not "brainless" as some people tag them..cos they're like us, young amateur, and can easily be fallen into the pit of wrong beliefs et al.
But anyway..lOVED THIS!

Princess Sonshu

Very well written..i too have written a diary sorts..the post has been will post soon! I had written it and then i stumble upon urs..LOL


@ Sulo- I respect you n ur verdict........


@ Aayu- a gud comment on your behalf too. well said...its just that one person going in the wrong direction often forces ten other loved ones to suffer :|


@ Sonshu- Thanku.....Waiting to read yours too!


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i am a 13 years old girl as you


eghna plese also see my blog and comment


That was thought-provoking. I'd never thought of terrorists as having normal families before...
You've given me a lot to think about Meghna, thanks.


Hey its very good written on terrorism.

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Well I acquiesce in but I dream the list inform should secure more info then it has.


fantastic post,it is so nice artical,i liked so much.keep working,i wana see updates.


that was really beautiful...i'm kind of a writer too, thought i'm sure not as good as you. my friend and i have started a blog together just a little while back. she is not a writer, she is more into psychology, so most of the time, she writes psychological stuff and i edit it. we've written a lot of stuff together, i've always written some of my own stuff, but we've only posted one post so far. check it out.

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