Monday, May 18, 2009

How's Life?

It has been a long long time since I updated you about my school and life, eh?? I always do forget it amidst my hectic life these days.

To begin with, as you all are thinking, my summer holidays haven’t begin yet!! Yea.….I can hear you gasp….I just hope you can hear me cry too. It’s not that I have a problem with going to school and studying; the only problem is with waking up early and the scorching heat. We always ignored the texts in our E.Ed books telling us about global warming, but now surely we feel the toll :(

Waking up at 5 am and then getting back home in the heat is a real ordeal. The school is only open for classes nine, ten eleven and twelfth by the way. So does that mean we

don’t feel the heat? Some one needs to understand that even though we are SUPPOSED to be grown ups……we do feel HOT!!!

Life is not a bed of roses, eh!

Life isn't a bed of roses

The teachers are just rushing with the vast syllabus. There’s too much of course to cover and too less time to do it. :|

There’s the annual concert coming up after these hols (which begin on the 21st of May) and its only thing which keeps us excited through the day. The preparations are in full swing :D

My partner (the girl sitting next to me) is really going crazy. She’s as sweet as honey but really insane!. She keeps scribbling on my hand!! Yea…can you believe it? She does all the calculations on my hand, even after I offer her rough sheets. LOL! And in the History and Hindi period when everyone including me is asleep she’s wide awake, any guesses doing what??

Scribbling on the part of my arms left after her calculations. She draws everything- from power puff girls, to flowers, to balloon and writing my name. And my arms are a scene you bet!

I’m basically completing my home assignments these days. After reaching class nine, I’ve no time….seriously!! You need to submit your chemistry practical file on Mondays, complete with 2-3 experiments. We get almost 20 sums in Maths. Then Tuesdays are busy for submission of Physics practical manuals, with 4-5 experiments. Wednesdays and Thursdays we have Hindi projects. Then Friday we have a History class test or Geography test. So you can imagine me sitting like an owl till 12 midnight completing all this stuff…..awww…And then you need to study by your own self too! Oh God!

I don’t even get time to read good novels!

You see how life is. I’m really in its traps. But I know it’ll all be a happy ending as soon as holidays begin (not denying, we have at least 28 holiday assignments)

And the good news is, I’m going out of town on the 21st. I am going to Kerala and will return by June 13th. Am really awaiting for the day to leave…..though I know I’ll miss all you guys but if I do get a chance, I promise to keep posting as much as possible from down south.



Princess Sonshu

Im first??? wow!!!

Princess Sonshu

Hmm.. I know ninth is hectic and can u believe i had the same schedule..Like tests and chem recs and stuff. Yup! Im sure itll be easy..tenth is take it cool in the 9th sweets! Do blog more often..if i can u can!


everyone seems to be complaining about studies nowadays ... Its surely a demon .. isn't it ...

I am also waiting desperately for summer holidays to begin ... Its raining hell with mercury reaching 42 degrees ...

btw ... best of luck with E.Ed ... That's one subject I really struggled to score ;)

sulo badri

hey kiddo.. y all this in 9th.. we had spl cases only 4 10th n 12th.. :))

man! thts tooo much.. but welcome to the world - ug, pg evrythng awaits u.. ha ha!! kiddin ;) am sure u wil learn to njoy by jugglin fun wid ur syll..

n comin down south?!.. thts grt.. :))) but well, i will b in chenai :( equally scorched here.. hope kerala is betr.. hav fun..



LOL. It atleast keeps you out of mischief. Nice desk mate you have. No need for tattoos. Have a nice time in Kerala.

Take care

I am a lover of children's literature

Have fun in Kerala and don't sweat it, it's hot enough in India as it is! At least we know that while your on your school vacation time you will probably see, hear and experience a lot of cool things while your baking in the hot Indian heat for you to write about when you get back.

Looking forward to your post vacation posts! Have fun and be safe and that's an order!

Truth and Lies

You're sweating in class IX. A shame. IX was the best year I had in school. Don't take studies too seriously at this stage. You'll burn out once you reach XI and XII.


@ Princess- yea!! LOL! :P

I'm trying to take it cool coz I knw it gets worse in 10th....but how can I help?

I surely will try my beat :)


@ Harsh- Hadd hai....u couldn't score well in E.ed....??? That's the only sub that we needn't study but get marks for :P
It's the worst demon I ever really is hot, this time around :|


@ Sulo- Oh god....I thoguht it must be quite right south...but now that you tell :(
ug, pg? what's that? It's basically special class for them but we too are being called and taught!



@ Jack- LOL! I know....i really need to amek her read this spot.....and if you look at those tattoos , you'll faint right away!!


@ Dan- Sure I take that order happily!
I'm trying to eat as much ice cream as possible to keep myself cool! I've already decided to forgo of my books n hav a blast there :D

Thanks a lot....m looking forward to everything :)


@ T&L- Awwww......Shai....I really feel so cursed now :(
I wish we were in days like you :)


ah well ! i guess this is my first time there. i must say i was immediately able to connect with what you posted. well i too have had faced this situation......but let me tell you just take out time for recreation as well are still in 9th ......even 10th is not that hectic...........enjoy your school life ,make the most out of it because right now you might have that feeling that school actually sucks but when you will leave the school, you will feel you still could do so much this is the right time....try to strike a balance between both studies and things which you enjoy like reading novel, may be blogging all the best and stress and tension are way long to go for a budding teenager like you. enjoy your life ! :)

Ashish Sukhadeve

Visiting for the first time, It was a nice read.You have a long way to go.keep writing!

Old Monk

Common Meghna. I know its tough but you will be missing so much once you are out of school. Enjoy all those heat, your scribbling friend, boring history classes, heavy bags and everything....just relax and think- For my better tommorow,I gave my today. Lo!


Wow it sounds like you are so busy and have so many studies to do. Take care and try and not stress yourself too much as you finish up school this year. Best wishes,


Enjoy your holiday! Good luck with all the assignments!



Kids these days arent left with anything to be kids anymore.

I feel you baby.

But you knw what, what ever it is that you're having in your daily routine now, I'd love to have it !!

Being a grown up is so boring !!!!


@arpit - that was so kind of you. I've to strike a balance between both studies, reading, writing & blogging.


@ashis - Welcome to this place. Thank you very much for the wishes. Glad to know that you liked it here :)


@old monk- LOL!! "For my better tommorow,I gave my today." Thanks.


@cindy- Yeah, I should not stress myself too much! Thank you.


@ nikita- Thank you very much!


@cindrella- Being a kid is wonderful, except for these heavy school projects and assignments. LOL! Sorry, we can't exchange :))


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