Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Earth Of Every Man's Dream!

May peace prevail on Earth
And the candles of light shine brightly
May there be tranquility everywhere
And people live forever happily

May all the wars vanquish
And people stand forever united
Tackling with valor, troubles they face
For peace, their courage they bade

May Lord listen to all prayers
And people live as a single team
May the Almighty make the Earth
The Earth of every man's dream!

Image credit: Arts Care Home

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

In A Bid To Help Our Humanity .....

Equality amidst all, every human is our brother…..we have all been taught this; but have we ever done our bit to help humanity? It is worthless if you do not contribute in spreading the feeling of brotherhood and helping our mankind.

While you ponder over this, I have penned down how I could do that! I have a really marvelous and as usual, there is a streak of insanity in my creation too…..

I have always seen bony, weak structures [who in no way look human] dressed in rags. They dwell upon the side streets and call it their abode. These people live in such poverty and are so impoverished that they do not have money to wear clothes that can cover the body or to buy food that can fulfill their hunger.

Looking at them, do you not have pity and sympathy for them? Have you not always wanted to help them and make our country a better one? Yes, we all have! And to fulfill my desire, I will outshine the stars too…..

I would become a scientist and create and invention that stirs the world. An invention that can be of extraordinary use to invention that can help all in need…an invention which abolishes hunger and poverty…an invention which benefits all!

Yes, you heard it correct! I would stand all day through in that stuffy little room [laboratory] with a green test tube in one hand and a red one in the other…watching the flames that burst when I mix them and the fireworks, I would endure! I would be called an insane, crazy scientist but I wouldn't care until I'd have completed my breath taking invention!

Now that it stirs your exciting nerves, I would tell you what it would be called! The name of my unique machine would be "The Ray Of Good Hope". It would be the silver lining in the sky for my fellow humans.

Now, what is it you ask? Okay….Now it's time I slid that black cloth from over my inimitable device. It would be a small compact machine with a red and a green button. With the press of a red button, the device would emit a golden beam which, if falls on any object (mind you, anything, I say!) could make it double it's original size. Yeah…a single grain of rice, could grow into a gigantic mountain, providing food for thousands of people!

It could abolish slums and provide a proper dwelling place, clothes and food for all. Wouldn't that be fabulous? This machine would make every person on Earth live a dignified life and would spread equality and brotherhood among all!

Being a little covetous, I would like to actually live in the small card house I've made at home! Just scared the wind doesn't blow too hard! I would also have loads of candies, chocolates and ice-creams…Wow! That's what I call "life"!

Being a benevolent girl, I would allow free usage of my machine to every needy person. Now, have I told you what the green button is for? The green button would be to rectify the mistake of any person and return the object to it's original size! So there's no chance of ill handling! (You see how intelligent I am??!)

Okay friends, I got to go now….And bury my head into the huge Science Book! After all, I have to work hard to complete my invention and the next time, I'll be sure to be back with some more of my unique creations….

Until then, goodbye…..

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Truth (Part-3)

This is the last and final part of my story. If you have not read Part I and Part II, please click on the links. With sincere desires that you enjoy it goes...

A sense of immense bliss and eagerness filled Maya and she waited breathlessly as a door nearby screeched and a well built handsome man entered, accompanied by an old couple….

Maya watched in surprise as Ryan and her presumed dead, mother and father entered the room with sarcastic smiles on their faces. Maya was mind boggled at the happenings that she couldn’t even demand an answer.

The man at the chair quietly left the small reunion alone as Maya stared at the threesome.

And then Ryan said, “As you are not needed anymore, it’s about time you died too and we inherited your wealth!”

“But…but…you were kidnapped…and mom and dad…you…you…am I dreaming?” she staggered..

Laughing…Ryan explained the whole circumstances to her. “These people you call mom and dad are my real parents and you were adopted. You are the daughter of the King of Crotia, a small kingdom near Soviet Russia. Mom and Dad were the caretakers for the King. After his death and the demolishment of the kingdom, mom and dad fled with you to New York City. They adopted you while I lived alone and aloof from them. They were having a happy life until last year, when they received an anonymous phone call which told them that you had inherited a fortune from your dad worth more than thousand million dollars and the caller also warned them that he knew who we all were. He asked us to leave you and let you inherit the fortune…

Ryan’s dad continued. “But how could we let that happen?? After all, we had cared for you since fifteen long years! We then plotted this plan and as we knew, that no one except your close relatives knew our secret. We then made Ryan marry you and become your successor. After marriage, we kidnapped him and in ransom, we demanded the murder of twenty of your relatives and friends during the King’s period who were supposed to have known the secret…Now that the anonymous caller is dead, Ryan will inherit your money after your death and we will all live happily…”, and the old man’s laughter echoed in the room…

Maya knew not what to say and she had no time too as Ryan took out his revolver and aimed at her..and she stared into his mesmerizing blue eyes……

Wow! My long long story has now ended with the mystery revealed! I would love to know what you think!

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Truth (Part-2)

I hope you all enjoyed reading the first part of this story which can be read here. This is the second part of the story and I hope you all enjoy reading it too!

As Maya entered the ornate hall, she cautiously stepped into the elevator. She pressed the button with number one on it. As the door slid open silently, a man entered the lift. With a single glance at him, Maya knew it was him…But when she glanced at him once again, she thought she could recognize him…yes, she had seen him before, but where??

She couldn’t waste a single moment with this task at hand. The man pressed the button with number 11 on it. Maya moved in closer….and then with a swift action, she had his neck in her hands and then her knife adroitly slit open his neck in half…..while the man flabbergasted, couldn’t even utter a terrified scream….

Maya swiftly pressed for the basement, which she had been informed was her escape route…Without glancing back at the dead body, she stepped out as the door slid open. A black posh car, stood nearby with a red dressed man at the driver’s seat. She hastily made her way towards the car, and opened the door and sat down..

She finally stopped trembling and composed herself. She wiped her hands with a wet tissue until they were pale white. Pictures of the red blood, the mourning people and the crying children, flashed in her head…She was on the verge of breaking down when the driver, stopped the car and slid open the door for her.

She stepped out and noticed that it was a different location this time. There was an exorbitant mansion before her, but the surroundings were all aloof from humans. She quietly entered the place and walked into the ornately adorned hallway, which echoed with every footstep…

She then noticed a small door which stood ajar, at her left. She silently went in. There she saw him again; he sat in the same way with a hat and black suit covering his face and body and when he saw her, a fleeting smile crossed his face…

“So, you are done? And now it’s about time I let you meet Ryan!” the man mocked.

To be continued.....

I'm sorry but I need another part to finish this up. The third and final part of the story will be coming soon!

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Truth (Part-1)

The cars honked beside her as she gracefully wiped the sweat from her brow and swiftly adjusted her hair when her cell phone blared loudly…..

Exasperated Maya received her call. He had been calling for the 12th time since morning but she had kept on avoiding him. However, she knew she could not avoid him now, it was time she learnt what he had to say!

A heavy burly voice with apparent brisk and adroit spoke back, “The boss wants to meet you today in an hour, at our headquarters. Be there or…..”, his voice trailed off and she timorously shut the receiver.

She had been expecting it…what else could she do! She instructed the taxi driver to turn left into a deserted alley. She got down and paid him hastily, letting him keep the change. She then made her way towards a huge bungalow with a sprawling mansion.

She etched the door and heard her footsteps dangerously echo behind her as she made her way to the second floor and entered a dark hallway which led into a small stuffy room high on the smell of cigar.

A man sat on a plush seat with his hat falling low over his face and a long coat adorning his thin yet strong body. He motioned her towards another chair nearby.

After she was seated, he said, “You are needed again. And as the contract said…this will be the 20th and the last murder and if you deny you know how you will find Ryan…….”

Cutting him short she said, “I know! What do I do this time?” she asked reluctantly.

The man smiled derisively and handed her an envelope saying, “The photo and necessary instructions are inside. The job should be done with an hour and you will be escorted back then. Leave immediately!”

She departed hurriedly in no mood whatsoever to see another innocent man who was a father to someone, a husband to another and a son of someone else…another innocent man was going to be killed and she was compelled to do it.

Walking back to the desolate alley way and then on the main street at 45 Welkins road, she saw her old house and of a happy life flooded her…

She remembered the day when she had happily wed Ryan, the love of her life to lead a happy and prosperous life ahead. But her life became devastated after the death of her parents which had been termed as a murder and their bodies had not yet been found. During this difficult phase, Ryan had always been there for her. Consoling and soothing her worried heart at all times..

But life changed a week later. Ryan did not reach back home after work and Maya got worried. At around nine, an anonymous caller addressed her giving her an address and telling her that they had kidnapped Ryan! Maya wept tears of agony and worry for the whole night.

After a sleepless night, she visited the mansion she was supposed to. A man with a black hat held low, stood in front of her. She asked him about Ryan and he told her that she could see Ryan after a month if she completed her assignments. When asked what the assignments were and why she had to do it, he said that she had to kill 20 people without giving any more apparent information.

And after her 19th cold blooded murder….she couldn’t so it! She wanted him back, Ryan! She remembered the happy time - parents…she was tied …no she couldn’t do it…how could she kill another man when she knew what agony the family of such people faced? How could she kill someone?

“How life has changed,” she wondered. Sometime back she could not even kill the little ants but now…now she went around murdering people, “Destiny”, she muttered and armed with a small sharp knife, she walked towards the place mentioned in the elevator……

To Be Continued.......

Here is another attempt at a long story. Hope you all enjoyed this part and next part will be coming soon...


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Saturday, May 10, 2008

To My Mother ....

This poem is for my mother on Mother's Day. This was written and published by me earlier as 'Pretty Angel'. Hope you all enjoy it!

When I’m lonely, when I’m distressed
When I don’t understand
What life is and what it means
An angel comes from above and holds my hand

She consoles me and enlightens me
Making me understand what life is
She lays her warm hands over me
Her love is something I can’t miss

This pretty angel is the light of my life
And the gem of my heart
She is none other than my benevolent mother
Someone with whom I can never part!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Murder

I woke up that night and saw a huge man standing near the door and his red bloody eyes were staring straight at me….

I rubbed my eyes and when I opened them once again…there was no one. I knew they were the initial hallucinations in this serene and silent night. There were terrible long dark shadows cast around the room as the moon beamed slightly through the windows and the curtains floated wildly in the wind that billowed in through he windows.

The bed creaked loudly in the tranquil ambience making my timorous self jump with fright. I looked around and for the first time ever, every sound I heard made my heart beat faster…..

Slowly yet steadily, I picked up the knife beside my bed and occupied with ammunition…..I walked towards my victim. I saw…lying silently in the darkness and so I cautiously stepped forward….every passing minute seemed like an hour as my sweaty palms fearfully advanced towards the motionless victim…..

There was no sound as I glanced towards the door… one there…so I looked back again…Then I raised my hand and closed my eyes…..silently plunging my knife into the victim…..

I opened my eyes and stared at the huge red patch…Finally I was glad…now I could get a larger piece of the watermelon before anyone woke up!!!!

He…he…what did you think?? Just can’t stop giggling :D

Friday, May 2, 2008

The New Generation!

I finally gave a sigh of relief after I heaved the last heaviest bag into the car. I turned around to see my eighteen year old cousin brother, swinging the car keys on his fingers with huge earphones on his head and his sleek i-pod tucked into his jeans pocket.

With an aggravated look, I snatched the keys from him and slung them to my dad. Finally, when all the “good-byes” and “see-you’s” were over, we sat down in the car. I looked back to see my cousin waving frantically…and then he turned back….shaking his head to the tunes! I was annoyed and irritated at his behavior but was pleased that he was not accompanying me and mom.

We were traveling to my mother’s hometown to meet my grandparents. As we reached the airport, Dad said good-bye and with apologizing looks, hastily drove away to his office. We entered the airport and learnt that our Sahara flights were an hour late. With nothing to do, I settled down in the waiting area and keenly observed the place which was bustling with life.

But the first thing that caught my attention was a group of youngsters who sat before me…. There were three girls and two boys. They were all wearing boisterous short clothes, which I believed one w only see on TV! Each one had many piercing in their ears and eyebrow. They were all listening to music, drinking cold drinks and flipping through some film magazines….

Sudden frustration filled my mind. “Is this what they call the future of our country?? These good-for-nothing youth who can change the world, they say?” And I shook my head in misery, shooting a last pestered glance at their faces!

Suddenly a lady came and sat beside us. She looked pale and was sweating profusely. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead which she wiped with hasty actions. She sat down and gazed timorously all around. My mother, seeing her condition inquired about what had happened.

Without any warning, the lady broke into tears and said, “My only son, the apple of my eye….Atul, died last week. I am now left alone in this huge bad world thus I am going back to my native town. I am worried because I’m traveling by plane for the first time and am not sure about the procedures! I’d be glad if you could come with me and accompany me!” and she looked at my mother with questioning eyes which shone as my mother shook her head positively.

The speaker somewhere suddenly blared telling all the passengers to board their planes. While passing the security checks, the five youngsters came behind us. Suddenly one of them noticed that lady with us was having Jet Airways plane tickets. I too noticed it then....

The lady got worried again but those youngsters came to her rescue, who had apparently heard her story too. One of the girls covered her with a shawl and offered her a cup of steaming hot coffee. The guys took her baggage and accompanied her back to the waiting area and told her that they would accompany her as they were traveling by the same plane! The lady broke into a grin, whole-heartedly blessing the children.

I looked with amazed eyes and the youngsters, who I had initially though as “good-for-nothing” youths with exorbitant and lavish habits, as they helped the lady in every possible way and soothed her.

I rethink of my first impression about them now. They may have had some western and modern influence and trend thrust at them but apparently they had a good heart and godd moral values and that’s all mattered! Is it not?

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