Sunday, December 14, 2008

Join - Tweet A Book!

Tweet A Book
Twitter??? What, that eh? Ever heard about it?

Twitter is a wonderful microblogging platform. I am sure all of you will agree to that if you join in (or if you are already there too!). As you know, I'm an avid user of Twitter too.

Now, with the holidays round the corner, I'm planning to start a new writing project in twitter- Tweet A Book. As it is a new unique and innovative concept, I'm sure all of you would be interested. So, here it goes:

The Concept:

To write a mini-book or novelette (or even a full-length book) COMPLETELY as a series of 140-characters (or less) tweets... on Twitter!

How to start:
  • Anyone can join in. Just sign up on Twitter and follow @Tweet_A_Book, so I'll know who's in.
  • If you're already on Twitter, to keep your "Tweet A book" project distinct from your regular Twitter account, it is recommended that you register a new one for this project e.g. with your user name being '(YourName) Writes', or '(YourName) TweetBook', or anything else you like. By the way, I started mine as @MeghnaWrites.

What is to be done?

The idea is to write a book. It can be a short story, long story, novelette or novel. This can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry or anything interesting you feel like.

How to write it?

Whenever an idea for a story or anything comes to your mind, post it as a tweet in your new Tweet A Book account. Then you need to develop that sole idea into a story. Then continue psoting your story/book as a series of tweets. That's all.

Any conditions?

Just one. Each tweet should stand alone as a separate post/message of 140 characters, which means you can't pause in the middle of a long sentence and continue it in the next tweet!

Any fee to join?

No, it's completely free!!

What do I get out of it?

No promises, but we'll try to get the collection of completed novelettes printed by a publishing house (if it is good enough) or at least distribute it as an ebook, making you famous even if not rich!

Period of Tweet A Book project:

From 21st Decemebr to 31st December, 2008

When do I get started?

The event begins on Dec.21st - But be an early bird, register now and get to work planning your content.

By when does the book have to be done?

The New Year Eve. December 31st is when this year ends - and along with it, the 'Tweet A Book' project too.

How many people are participating?

Not sure yet, but we're hoping to have dozens, if not hundreds!

Can I team up with my friend(s) to participate?

Yes, as long as you're collaborating on the same story, that's fine with me.

Any prizes?

Maybe. Again, no promises - but if we find sponsors, we might throw in a few nice gifts for those who write the most popular book - and everyone who finishes theirs too!

How am I managing this?

No, I'm not alone here. Dr. Mani is in for managing the things. You may see his twitter account to know more.

Got any more questions?

Post it here as a comment and I'll answer it.

Now, tell me, isn't it easy and interesting? Are you in it?

Note: As I waste lots of my time in twitter, you may follow me @MeghnaK


Blog Expert

great article.


Twitting and Blogging and Facebooking etc... so many things to do!

Hemanth Potluri

gr8 work sissy...all the best for ya :)...



this seems to be a good concept.. let me see if i can do this!! :)


This sound really good and I'd love to particpate but will be really busy with out of town family over Christmas. I may try but dont' know how much I could do. Would love to know if you do it again!

Holly Jahangiri

Sounds like fun. Here's an even bigger challenge: Write a Twitter novel in which EVERY sentence is EXACTLY 140 characters, using (reasonably) correct grammar and punctuation. Dialogue may be an exception, but no obvious contortions just to make the 140 characters.


blogexpert- thank you.


@ priyank - yeah, so many :)


@ hemanth - thanks :)


@ sakhi - I'm sure you can join and contribute. Thank you!


@ alrady - I agree it's a busy festival time. But still hope you can join, as it involves little work. I may do it again depending on the outcome of this project. Thank you!


@ Holly - WOW! That's really challenging.

I don't know whether I can make a short story like that, forget about an entire novel :)Thank you for such an idea!

Hope you may join this project and contribute to the fun. Thanks.

I am a lover of children's literature

Hmm, I've always been a little curious about Twiter, but always to fatigued or busy to actually look into it.

However, since my favorite future superstar of writers is so keen about it, I guess I will have to make time tomorrow or tonight (I have to go out in ten minutes!) to check it all out!

Thanks, you make it sound so interesting - I can't wait now!


@ Don- LOL! OMG! Don't honor me so much calling me a future star LOL!
Oh yes....I'd love you joining in. Twitter is great. Waiting eagerly...and enjoy your outing :)


I'm afraid that if I tried to post the book I am currently working on, it would not get posted by the deadline. I'm more than 100 pages into it right now as a rough draft. Posting at 140 characters would take forever. It's a cool idea, but unless I could post the book I wrote/published last year, it isn't very practical for me.


This is such a good idea. I'm excited to participate!


Maybe this bit was not highlighted boldly, and got missed...

"To write a mini-book or novelette (or even a full-length book) COMPLETELY as a series of 140-characters (or less) tweets... on Twitter!"

This does NOT mean cutting-and-pasting an existing book at 140 characters each... because each tweet HAS TO STAND ALONE as a meaningful tweet by itself!

That's the REAL challenge! Are you up to it? :-)

Julette Millien

This is exciting Meghna! So glad I clicked on over.

I followed tweetabook...but realized that I need to start a new account and follow from that account, right?

I love challenges - will see if my boys want in too.

Thanks so much for your creativity.



@ Maven - Really sad to hear that. Hope you may rethink and participate. All the best for your new book. Thank you.


@ amy - Thank you very much and looking forward to your participation.


@ dr mani - Thank you for your guidance. I think I should edit this post and include those points you pointed out.


@ Julette Millien - Thank you and glad to know that you liked the concept. Hope that your boys shall also participate. Looking forward to an exciting project....


Oh, how fun! I am off now to get signed up with mammowrites! (missylol on twitter). Not sure of the timing what with the holidays, but doesn't the saying go:
"When the going gets tough; the tough get going!" Not sure how tough I am;
but I am going.
Great idea!
Thanks Meghna and Dr. Mani.


Cool idea Meghna !


@ Mammo- I;m so glad :)
Thanks for joining in. I hope you enjoy it get going, you are tough, aren't you :P


@ Abhaya- Thanks :) Hope you are joining in too!

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