Friday, December 5, 2008

The Blogging Idol Contest

Okay guys, time to update you all about the Blogging Idol Competition I was participating in. The contest where I reached out to all my readers for help.

Meghna - The Blogging Idol Contest

The Result

It's over now and the results are out. It was a wonderful competition in full swing with healthy competitive spirit. Though I could not finally become the winner, I enjoyed every bit of it and learnt loads with every move and other participants. During the competition, I also met many new and interesting people too!

Okay, if you remember, there were 2 parts. - One to increase the RSS subscribers and the second was the open voting round.

Now, about my standing. I came 19th in the RSS round out of 125 well deserving competitors and 5th in the open voting round!


You might be thinking why I'm happy, eh?? Cause I think I did as best as I could and the people who came in the top three were too much deserving. I felt like a winner myself.

It's actually a good standing, with me being the youngest and guess the most amateur too. I really felt like I've won, so no qualms there. Though, I am determined to work hard and obtain better results next season!

Sincere Thanks to All of You:

And not to forget…. all you guys out there w

ho read my blog and voted or subscribed. Without your help, this would not have been possible! I had asked for help and it was most pleasant to see the co-operation of all readers and good friends.

It was most unexpected on my part, actually! I did not expect the tremendous result I got from you people to maintain a standing amidst the professionals in the competition!

I will never ever be able to express my thanks to you guys in mere words (:HUGS:)

Thank you all.



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CJ Harley

I was wondering how you made out in the Blogging Idol contest. That's so awesome you got 125 new people to subscribe to your blog. WTG!

CJ Harley

Edit above comment: I read your post wrong. There were 125 participants. LOL! Whoops!

Anyway, I'm proud of you for entering.


@ harley,
Thank you. You're almost correct there too. The new subscribers I gained is around 107.
Thanks for the support of all of you.

Ajith Prasad Edassery

That's a great achievement. I guess, having a lot of followers on twitter would have definitely worked well for ya.

I was pretty pathetic as after the first half, I lost interest lol... Not sure at what position I closed the competition.


The Solitary Writer.

congrats yaaa

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя

congratulation girl..........U will win one day I am sure of no worries...........

Angel Cuala

I am so sorry that I did not support all you the way.

But hey, I'm sure you learned a lot and I think you still won a heart of many.

I should congratulate you for increasing your subscribers.


sulo badri

halo meggie! sweet heart! tht was a gr8 news! d tiny lil teen out here winnin 19th n 5th places in the blogosphere is no joke! dis is an achievement in itself. gr8 goin gal! u jus gimme a pleasant chill evry time:) am really vry hpy 4 u n am sure u r gonu b the idol some day! cheers to the creativ blood in u!!! hip hip hurrah! god bles u n hugs 4m me as well, lil one :)



@ Ajith- I'm sure you'd have done well. Yea....twitter helped loads :)


@ Solitary writer- Thanks!


@ Sourish bhaiya- all due to you bro...sure :)


@ Angel- Oh never mind! I'm glad for susan :) Thanks certainly was a great lesson!


@ Sulo- Thanks a lot for the motivation. It was a great experience! Yea.....sure...LOL!
Thanks a ton bro...



That ws great meghna!! Congrates and i really think it is awesome to come girl!! :)

hugs to you too, sweetie! :)

sulo badri

meggie! it wil b gr8 if u cal me sis ;)


@ Sakhi- Thanku....thanku :S


@ Sulo- awwwwww......ufff.....really sorry sis....I stupid of me LOL!

It was just a slip of tongue....don't mind :)


Conratulations Meghna! Indeed a good job. Cheers to that!

Stay around.

Take care!


Congos girl! Great! :)


congrats meghna.....great will surely win next time around....


Hey Meggie
A deeply passionate congrats! I am so happy you came such a fab result out of so many people. Unbelievable. I am sure that you will reach 1st one day, just keep working hard and doing your best.
I hope to see your name on a book in the future, all written by you! Oh, and don't worry, I will be the first one to read it and say "You know! This is my blogging friend! I knew she was going to make it! Go Meggie!"
Stay in Touch and thanks for your comments. I'll miss talking to you Megs.
Hugs, Nadine


Guess I missed the action.

I love your spirit dear,and indeed,it's a very good standing!You have a long way to go and will only get better I am sure :)


@ Iriz- Thank a lot :P

@ Tara- Thanks to you too!

@ Harsh- hey.....I hope so too.....tumhare muh mein gudh shakkar LOL!


@ Nadine- An earnest and sincere thanks :)Thanks a lot for your kind words. I'll certainly keep working hard and hope for myself too, to win someday!
Ahhh....that's a true dream...dunno if I can achieve, but am looking forward. LOL! O yes, and bet on me to be the one to send the first copy to you! he....he.....and I will be the one to publish you anme on the first pages, saing, This book is dedicated to my eternal blogging friend NADINE!
Hey....we are in touch! Why will you miss dear nadine..I know we'll keep jabbering LOL!


@ Sammy di- Thanks a lot di....I missed ya :)
Ahh....with all these blessings and kind words, curse me if I don't make it to the top someday :P

I am a lover of children's literature

As far as I'm concerned, if you enjoyed yourself and you learned a lot, then you really are a BIG winner already!

For starters, my dear Meghna, you certainly have already won my heart and admiration and also the hearts and admiration of many others besides, and I'm totally positive that you'll go on to win not only many more hearts, but a lot of literary awards as well!

Hemanth Potluri

congrats sissy :)...u will win it out a day soon :)...dont worry i am still here :)..



@ Don- Thanks!!!!! Love ya dear don.....I actually feel like a big big winner :)

I hope to win hearts of many others but before that, more importantly, I have won your heart and I feel so good!!! I hope to win some liberty awards soon :)


@ Hemu- Bhai...have full faith in you....I'm there coz you are here LOL!

Thanks a lot :P



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Well anyhow, hope to see you there soon :-) , if not, good luck with your articles and keep up with good work.


congrats meghu. very soon u will be the sole winner. my prayers and blessings and best wishes r with u sissy :)


megz got a long way to go still :)
Have fun girl, sorry not been aorund much but to much happenin this side to deal with so catch up withu soon

write to me ok?


Well done!! that was a great achievement! Message for you on my blog! enjoy your week!


@ Matt- Thanks for dropping by and sharing that information! It sounds really interesting and useful. I hope to register soon and follow your instructions. BTW, hanging on votes from you too :P

Thanks again!


@ Preeti di- Thanks di.....your blessings and prayers will never let me loose :)


@ Divi di- there to help :)

I'll keep in touch and keep writing di....thanks :)


@ Nikita- Offf to your place. Thanks :P


Good Morning meghna..congratulations for becoming the 5th popular Twitter Elite in are too good.Anyway did you get my message....can I atleast expect some kind of response from you?


All I can say is congrts Meghna, gr8 Acheivement :)


Ur the only one who could do it girl,theres nothing to be upset bout, 19th!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! thats simply great! Aur sun yaar,chill maar!


Hi Meghna... thanks for commenting. The post you commented on was the quote one... it really inspired me! I saw that quote and I had to write about it!!!
Keep in touch!

Lauren :)


@ Chessyman- Hello. I'm really sorry I couldn't reply earlier. Thanks for visiting so often. I'm glad you like my blog. Thanks :)

I hope you do well, in all that you do. Which tournaments are you participating in and what are you studying?

BTW I also visit your blog often and read, but I do not post a comment! Keep in touch :)


@ Rohan- Thanks bro :)


@ Adi- Thanks! Thanks Thanks! Who said I was upset? I'm glad, but the next time, I wanna be more happier....that's it!
are yaar....din bhar chill hi toh karti hoon!


@ Lauren- I loved that post. The quote was really inspiring....I'll keep in touch :)


Hi Meghna!

Congrats... 5 out of 125 is really great! Anyways,how long have you been blogging for? just wondering...

Keep in touch!

Lauren :)


Sis I see u have a great spirit and such confidence about yourselves. I admire to be connected with u in blogging. Hope u get ahead in next contest, all the best :)


well Meghna to me "studying" means studying chess & following recent international games & it's trends...I am really happy that anand made it this year...this means a lot to all the indian chess players..anyway have a good day


@ Jeevan- Thanks a lot bro. You are a constant source of motivation and inspiration!


@Nikita- Oh! yes....India's lucky year this....I hope it continues :D

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