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Count Your Blessings

This is an inspirational short story, probably not fictional. It is the story about a girl who learns a valuable lesson in life, by reading a small note by one of her friends. Do have a read, for I am certain it will inspire you to have a positive outlook towards life!

Count Your Blessings!

Count Your Blessings- A Short Story

She looked around until she saw the last light in the kitchen being switched off. Then she comforted herself and let the soothing serenity encompass her in the darkness all around.

Then she slowly sat up in bed, cautious not to make a sound. As soon as she was comfortable in her position, she buried her head in her hands and started grumbling under her breath, her grumbles slowly turning into sobs and then into full fledged tears.

Leela was the only daughter of a middle class family and went to a flamboyant school and was provided with everything her parents could afford, toiling day and night for their child's happiness.

But unfortunately, this was her daily routine. Leela knew that everyone in her school brought mobiles, i-pods, i-phones or atleast an MP3, but she could afford none. She grumbled and complained to Lord vehemently blaming Him for giving her birth in such a downtrodden family.

She asked God why her parents didn't understand she needed these things and why they scolded her even if she asked them to buy it. She then scolded Lord for giving her such dispassionate parents who did not care about her at all.

Then she scolded and complained to Lord on the food she had eaten and the shabby dresses she wore. Her friends ate lavish dinners and she had to do with only a plate of poor rice and pulses. Her classmates wore lovely dresses and she walked around in tatters compared to them.

Though her dresses were lovely and her food was tasty, though she had at least a computer and a digital camera. Leela was still complaining. She was never satisfied and thus it became her daily routine to loath Lord for even sending her to Mother Earth's lap.

She went on to point out why she could not go shopping daily, why her parents scolded her for getting poor grades, why she could not go to the amusement park,and so inked her thoughts to Lord and wrote a long long list of her complaints.

The next day she woke up, despondent and still lamenting over herself. Her thougths were engaged in herself, in solitary and forlorn poignancy; she lived a life aloof from others.

That very day when she was going to enter the class, her eyes fell on a note outside her class. It was a collage by one of the students; mostly those who did not care but copied it from the net just to please the teachers and do their (ever-so-boring) duty. Leela took a step forward and read the chart. It said:

GOD IS ONE. It does not matter whether you pray to Allah, Jesus, Krishna or Raam.....all that matters is whether you thank HIM.

Count Your Blessings Every Night, for Lord has taken out time for you from the millions of people whom he has to care for and given you what he could. Look around and see those whom he has not blessed as much as you, and feel lucky. Look at those whom he has showered his blessing upon, much more than you, and make up your mind to work hard and earn those blessings from Lord.....Thank HIM but never complain to him....for Lord might also get angry and take away even what you have.

Feel Lucky and Blessed...for if there is no one, there is Lord. Count You Blessings and you will realize there is more to thank Lord for, than to complain.

Leela read over the note atleast thrice before going for the first class. Then she read it every time she moved out of class or entered. Then she gave it a final thorough reading before going home, as if her eyes and heart just could not digest what she read.

That night she tried it out and realized that it worked. And then she did it every night. She thanked God for at least giving her such parents who lived only for her, atleast giving her clothes that she wore for there were any who got none, atleast giving her food that she could eat for there were loads who did not even get a morsel a day; giving her everything that she had and asked Lord only for one thing....blessings in the form of strength and will power so she could work hard and achieve what she had not!

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well said indeed.....never count what you don't have but always have a look at what you have.....that way you will always be satisfied and will never complaint to anyone for something others have and you don't.....


It was a lovely story and i wish my daughter also learns to count her blessings rather than complain when she grows up!!

As i already told you, i have already subscribed you!!

All the best for the competetion!


Wow! You wrote very well. Enjoyed it a lot! :)


Hi harsh- I'm so glad to hear....I hope you pass on the message and let others know too!


@ Sakhi- Didn't know you had a daughter :)
Hope she reads this too! Thanks a lot for subscribing!


@ Adi- Thanks a lot bro :)


That was a very touching story. And that's what you have to do is count your blessings and be thankful for the things that you have and give thanks to God for what he has given you. You have a great moral in this story. You are a very accomplished writer, keep it up.

Angel Cuala

Inspiring story, Meghna. And yes, I agree with that point of thanking GOD whoever he is to you. I am not not a religious type of person in terms of religion, but I do believe that there's someone somewhere who is a Super Being who is watching over us. I am thanking HIM every morning when I wake up, finish a task, and before going to sleep.

I also motivate my children to do the same.



very well said Megz
i wish we cud really be like tht way though...

n wts up with ur idol status???

Fantasies of a Lifetime

well said and very well written , life is more fun when we stop complaining and enjoy what we have :)


@ Shawn- oh.....thanks a lot for the compliment! I hope you too spread the message as it has got through correct to ya :)


@ Angel- It does not matter what religion you follow, but if you believe in that SUPER BEING (as you mentioned)....I hope your children too read the story!


@ Divi di- WOW! Long time....not that good di....need help :)

I'm SURE we all could be that way, only if we try!


@ FOAL- Certainly!! Life is not long enough to grumble and hate:)


Hi Meghna,
Nice story.


I did not read such things when I was a kid ......but coz of my parents, I always felt lucky and blessed!! :-)

Lovely story and surprises me how within 5-10yrs gap between my generation and the kids what a difference in lifestyle....
I never thought of using a mobile till i was 20 (that too coz I was awaay on project and there were no landline phones in hostel to call home)....Whoa!! now its become a fashion!! It may do good but somehow i dont find it necessarry for a school goin kid to have a hi-fi mobile!!


"I had the blues because I had no shoes,
Until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet"


very lovely story, dear!! One should really be grateful for what he, she has.
Beautifully expressed as always, dear!

I am a lover of children's literature

Without a doubt, we should always count our blessings. It's good for the mind and the body as well.

It's true, even though we may think that we have little in the way to be thankful for, in reality, if we only looked more carefully, we would find that we have far more to be thankful for what we have, then for what we don't have!.

It's all about our attitudes, I guess?

Any way, since you got me thinking about what we have to be thankful for, I thought that at least one thing that we can all count as a blessing is reading your blog.

As an up and coming writer, I count it as a blessing seeing you bud into a great future writer, one who may, if she keeps it up, become even a very famous one at that!


Lovely story.. people forget their blessings in the middle of their complaints


@ Stephie- Thanks a lot!


@ Sahaja- That's great! Shows your homely love :)

About the generation gap- that's just the way! Maybe you find it unnecessary but maybe he/she doesn't have a computer and accesses internet (for good purposes) through mobile!

That's another way of looking at things but I believe you are right!


@ Broca/Pratap- Very apt! I love this quote....heard it for the first time though...ah, my ignorance!


@ Lena- Thanks a lot....sends my spirit soaring :)


@ anu- Thanks.....people often do, I guess that's the incoherent human nature :)


@ Don- What a lovely comment! Your words always make me go blushing! Whether or not reading my blog is a comment, one more thing added to my thankfulness list is your name- DOn- a mentor like you is one in a million :)

We certianly have more thank-you's in store than grudges! I hope everyone around here spreads the message...

A big HUGE THANK YOU again don, for I really am grateful to you for amking my day bright!

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