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Can Younger People Teach The Old?

Can Younger People Teach The Old?
I love debates….literally! And where do I write about topics I love? My blog, naturally! When I realized this, I decided to put up a poll on my blog (at the sidebar) about the recent topic that’s creating a racket inside my conflicting mind. I believe my esteemed readers might help me out! And yes, now that the idea has struck my mind, I am determined to continue with it more often in future!!

The topic for today stands- CAN YOUNG PEOPLE TEACH OLDER PEOPLE?

No, It's Impossible. Are You Joking? (My View)

Since unknown years past, it is our parents, grandfathers or ancestors who have been teaching us their valued morals and traditions with the treasure box of experienced knowledge. It’s them who taught us to take our first few steps and taught us to stand erect. It is they who first taught us to hold the pencil and then write.
Can Younger People Teach The Old?
They have taught us the highly valued ethics, principles and wisdom of their experienced past. Without them sharing their life-teaching experiences we wouldn’t have been able to survive as we do. They still remain a golden treasure box of knowledge and teachings….

Oh! Sure. Why Not? (My View)

Living in this technologically enhanced era of the 21st millennium, where each child is better than the other, don’t you think the youth are exceptionally talented? Today’s world, where the youth are laid with the responsibility of the future of tomorrow, they are certainly more mature and learned than their age. As they say, “Intelligence and knowledge is not determined by age”, this young generation possess a plethora of knowledge and information which itself coCan Younger People Teach The Old?ntinues to become outdated by the moment.

The youngsters nowadays are inborn with the ability to learn new concepts and absorb information faster and rapidly, to survive in this competitive world. So don’t you think they have the aptitude it takes to share and teach their ideas and technologically enhanced information to the elders (if they possessed the desire to learn)?

So, What You Say?

Now from the conflicting points of view in my mind, question still remains, is the youth capable enough with their updated knowledge in the 21st century or the elders still surpass their younger generation in spreading their knowledge and teachings?

So you tell me, by comments and votes, (I've put up a poll in the sidebar- you can even type your own answers by typing in the box below the option: OTHER) as to what you think…..Can Young People Teach Older People? Your comments are highly valuable so don’t let your words/thoughts go waste….nor the click of your mouse at the poll :D



hmm...everyone learn from everyone else :)

I am a lover of children's literature


Even though I studied (you would never know it though!) professional writing, I'm always amazed and constantly learning new things from young people, including, by the way, this precious little Indian girl and her blog. Amazing, what I have learned from her.

Someday, if I ever meet her, I will thank her, face-to-face!

She deserves it.


why not??? its not the age that matters but the knowledge....


hmm....this topic is little bit confusing
some things u can teach like technology and recent trends and all but when it comes to values and all its IMPOSSIBLE to teach them

"u cant teach old dog new tricks"!!!


yup they sure can, voted already...
it depends on whats being taught and whether the 'student' is inclined enough to learn...
basically it goes both ways... knowledge in itself can be imparted from anyone to anyone!

Writer Dad

I believe that any willing student can benefit from any able teacher. Age matters, not at all.


Absolutely! Children can be great teachers some times, if you actually listen to them..

Great post!


I've certainly known a lot of smart kids, and a lot of stupid older people, so why not?

Guardian Angel

Yes, why not?! Most older people cannot cope up the pressure of learning the Internet.

It is funny but my daughter is more inclined then my wife in using the computer, considering that my wife finished 1 and a half year computer course. But sad to say, that was 14 years ago...

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя

yeap...the younger gen is more techy than the older... so there is sumthing to learn :)

Dhananjay Kumar

Tecahing ..Learning... is beyond Number of age... As I think ....

any one can teach .... to any one ..
u knw age is just a number .. nothing else .....


a student can be better than the teacher. so goes the same with children, or they might not be better but at least have something to share with.

i guess everyone must be receptive with each other regardless of age.

nice post Meghna!;)


Of course they can...I think that you're never too old or young to learn something new from someone else. It really all depends on how open or receptive you are to receiving the information :)


surely they can

but i disagree with youngsters nowadays are inborn with the ability to learn new concepts and absorb information faster and rapidly. This is merely a product of social conditioning.


@ Vishesh- Bro!!!!! Arghhhhh :X
Diplomatic as usual LOL! :P


@ Don- :)One vote for, eh? Don't make me blush anymore or I'll go all pink LOL! :P



@Vishwanath- I count you in, for??


@Broca- Oh!! Rightly said, I believe! I meant on the overall.....can you make up your mind ??



@ Vandita- Right! You people here broke the old trend that elders impart it to juniors... :0
Depends on the students, eh?


@ Writer dad- Nice words.....well said!!


@ Daizy- LOL!! Absolutely!!


@ Yoga- LOL! khi....khi....khi....yea...why not??....he...he..


@ Iriz- Well said dear.....I agree, I believe!

Thanks :P


@ Janelle- Age doesn't matter?? The final verdict, eh?? Yea....depends on the willingness to learn!


@ Anand- ooo....different views here...I think they are "inborn" with it all cause they have to learn much before that!! You can see two-three year old kids playing video=games!!


@ Guardian- Thanks for sharing your experience....I think I can connect with your daughter, and my mom with your wife :P


@ Sourish bhaiya- Techy, eh?? And aap?? You teach elders & juniors well!!


@ Dhananjay- aha.....well written! I suppose I have to agree :)


Why not ?!

Learning n teaching are things that dont depend on age....they depend on the knowledge of a person. we have seen numerous examples where the elder have learned from the youngsters and that isnt bad !

We're all here to learn from each other and expand our ever ductile it someone younger or elder.

How you doing sweety ?

Max Miroff

It's obvious that younger people can teach older people. I do web consultation on SEO/social media with people twice my age all the time (I'm fourteen) and I write informational content on my blog,, that has garnered praise from various older critics.

Anyone can teach anyone.


It is true that the old do teach the young but it is also vice versa. For example, I teach my dad stuff on the computer that he doesn't know and my mom goes to college and is being taught by teachers younger than her. The young also have fresh, new ideas to teach the old. So really, everybody learns from everybody no matter the age. This is a good question though.

Aravind Jose T.

Yes. Of Course.
Provided that, the old people are ready to accept what the youngers say.


Meg, your post itself taught a lot to people, including elders!!


@ CIndy di- You always explain things very well to my confused mind!! Got it :P

Aha.....bad....exam fever is on di :(


@ Max- WOW! Glad to know about you...good for you buddy! Congrats :P

Got it :P


@ Shawn- Thanks a lot for sharing that.....I'm really glad to understand that bit from a personal experience :)


@ Aravind- That's the point!! They never really do....practically....teachers :P


@ Adi- LOL! Thanks :)


just checking for any new post. hehe;)

John H Maloney

I definitely think so. As I'm getting older, I'm noticing that my perspective on life is changing dramatically. I've learned a lot from my experience and in many ways have become wiser, but in other respects I'm also becoming very set in my ways and somewhat closed-minded. Younger people may not have the benefit of as much experience, but generally are much more open to new ideas. So, I think that younger and older people could definitely learn a lot from each other.


Hi Meghna,

I think both possibilities can occur. It all varies and depends on who is part of the interaction. Even when it comes to technology, my mom knows much more than I do and therefore, she is usually the one who ends up teaching me stuff (believe it or not!!!!).

BTW, I updated CALM FRENZIES a few days back.


I absolutely think that anybody can teach anybody, why should age matter! Now, whether the older would learn from young is upto them :P ;P


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Hi ,

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This way you can reach out to rambhai readers some of whom could become your ardent fans.. who knows.. :)



@ Iriz- LOL! Sorry.....but exams are tightening their scary know :P


@ John- Personal thoughts/experiences enhance my thirst :P Thanks.....I think I cannot deny the fact that what you say stands absolutely correct!!


@ Solitaire- LOL! Ten I take your vote for both??? Ahhhh....I wished you voted for elders :)

Sorry really not allowed these days to open any other site than my own blog....but will be visiting soon!!!


@ Sakhi- Oldies are a bit too conceited to do so, don't you think??


@ Let- Absolutely!! Who misses out on it! I'll be coming soon!!


@ Ray- Hey....are you spamming me?? I think I've read this before :P


Hi Meghna,
In my opinion, I don't think so. Old people have more experience on life, but despite that, everyone learns from everyone. Old people have another side to view things, a side most young people don't have.
Interesting topic.
Stephie :)

Karen Zemek, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry"

I say yes, younger people can teach the older! There is just so much one can learn about, so many different areas of knowledge. It seems I learn something new every day and yes, some from younger people.


did i tell you that i fell in love with your blog theme? its absolutely lovely! :)


Oh yes
youngsters can totally teach the elders quite a few thing...only if the grown ups are grown up enough to have an open and receptive mind.

Look at you, look at priya... so many thoughts n ideas that I could never even think much imagination...and i can truly say that cuz i am one ofthe eldest people i feel like a budhhhi


That someone is older to you just means that they have lived longer than you. It does not mean they have gathered all knowledge that you can possess. And neither does that make you possessor of all knowledge.

So age really does not matter in sharing knowledge. an old person can teach young people. A young person can teach old people as well.


@ Stephi- Ahoy! There comes a different opinion I've been yearning for....thanks Stephi!! I appreciate your point of view :)


@ karen- I have to believe you when you say you do....but other elders are often know :P


@ Divi di- ahem....ahem...waht do I say?? You learn something from me...(and who's priya??) You JK??? LOL!

Miss buddhi amma chill!!! You make me feel like a granny myself...only granies inspire :P


@ Alok- WOW!! Very....very well said...I nev3er thought that way!! Thanks a lot for that enlightening comment bro :) You always express it well!!!


@ Sakhi- LOL! Thanks :)


Sure they can! Older people have learnt a lot from me...and I've learnt a lot from my son...he was in his nappies when he knew Excell like the palm of his this is the truth...! and hubby woke him up about an hour after he'd gone to bed to show him something on Excell...whawhawha..that was so funny! (btw...have I said he also crashed my pc twice at that!)


Hey Meg! There's a new post in my blog. Plz give me your comments on it....


oh there are so many instances where we are taught by the young ones how to live our lives since they haven't been corrupted by the so-call real world and we are so drowned into it that we don't see the precious life passing us by :-)


@ Nikita- LOL! A genius computer whiz like you, eh?? :) I'd love to meet him some day....both of us are the same types!!



@ Adi- Sorry know the tension.... Will come soon...promise :D


yeah i guess if they are open minded!!!

vagabond dreamer

i dont think a teacher has a age limit. nor is there an expiry tag on learning. to learn u need to realise that u arent perfect
and to teach u need to realise that knowledge is empowerment


@ Pratap- LOL! MR. Diplomat, eh???


@ Dreamer- Very well said....btw, glad to see you back after soooooo longggg!!

khi...kih... :D


Gud Luck for ur Exams..... hope u do good


Age is nothing matters to share our knowledge. We learn tradition and living with nature from elders as they experience more in the past. It’s not the knowledge we suddenly got, we continue the following paths of our elders or ancestors, learning their experience and thoughts we are connected. And to agree we learn new idea technologically and practically which was not possible enough then, so we should teach them to see there world different. Thanks for sharing those good thoughts :)


@ adi - thank you for the wishes. I too hope I do the best!!
Best of luck for your exams too :)


@ jeevan - " It’s not the knowledge we suddenly got, we continue the following paths of our elders or ancestors, learning their experience and thoughts we are connected"

Very well said! Thank you for these wonderful words.

I agree with you that age does not matter in learning. Thanks again!

Your Wedding Coach

Every person has something to teach and everyone can learn. We can learn joy, how to have fun and unconditional love from even the smallest children. We can learn wisdom and understanding from our elders.
So my answer is an resounding yes!

Great question!!


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It is funny but my daughter is more inclined then my wife in using the computer, considering that my wife finished 1 and a half year computer course. But sad to say, that was 14 years ago...

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