Friday, May 16, 2008

The Truth (Part-2)

I hope you all enjoyed reading the first part of this story which can be read here. This is the second part of the story and I hope you all enjoy reading it too!

As Maya entered the ornate hall, she cautiously stepped into the elevator. She pressed the button with number one on it. As the door slid open silently, a man entered the lift. With a single glance at him, Maya knew it was him…But when she glanced at him once again, she thought she could recognize him…yes, she had seen him before, but where??

She couldn’t waste a single moment with this task at hand. The man pressed the button with number 11 on it. Maya moved in closer….and then with a swift action, she had his neck in her hands and then her knife adroitly slit open his neck in half…..while the man flabbergasted, couldn’t even utter a terrified scream….

Maya swiftly pressed for the basement, which she had been informed was her escape route…Without glancing back at the dead body, she stepped out as the door slid open. A black posh car, stood nearby with a red dressed man at the driver’s seat. She hastily made her way towards the car, and opened the door and sat down..

She finally stopped trembling and composed herself. She wiped her hands with a wet tissue until they were pale white. Pictures of the red blood, the mourning people and the crying children, flashed in her head…She was on the verge of breaking down when the driver, stopped the car and slid open the door for her.

She stepped out and noticed that it was a different location this time. There was an exorbitant mansion before her, but the surroundings were all aloof from humans. She quietly entered the place and walked into the ornately adorned hallway, which echoed with every footstep…

She then noticed a small door which stood ajar, at her left. She silently went in. There she saw him again; he sat in the same way with a hat and black suit covering his face and body and when he saw her, a fleeting smile crossed his face…

“So, you are done? And now it’s about time I let you meet Ryan!” the man mocked.

To be continued.....

I'm sorry but I need another part to finish this up. The third and final part of the story will be coming soon!

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ha that was waiting for the last part now lol :) btw i need to send you an invite for the blog you can send me your email address(i added the one you used to comment on the blog but a user called prasadks is coming) ...

you can find my mail id in my profile...or alternatively leave it in my personal blog,i will delete it once i send you the mail...


Hi Vishesh,
I've received your invite but am not sure how I accept it! Could you tell me what I need to do further..

Really sorry for giving you loads of problems but I ain't really sure :)


Hi Meghna, great story...very well written! Congratulations!
Can't wait to read part 3 :P

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ab toh suspense bhi :P

par kya khoobi se gala goodness i got terrified..aajkal k kids kitne open n smart ho gye hai ...


Looks like it's coming along nicely. :) I'll try to bide my time until you post the third part.


wow! Fantastic... looking forward to the next part!!


Hi Stephi,
I'm so g;ad you liked it! The last part will be coming soon :)


Hi SOurish bhaiya,'s GenX is really cool and smart bro! I would have detailed it more but then it would be a little more dramatic you know!
Keep reading...


Hi Steph,
I'm glad you liked it. It'll be coming soon, not to give you much trouble!


Hi Nikita,
It'll be coming soon...Thanks :P


kiddo , third part . jadli karo .


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Hi Tyro,
The final part is almost ready. have some patience :)


Hi Jack,
Hmmm. Let me see!


Hello Meghna!
About the riddle, WELL DONE! YOU WERE RIGHT!
This story is lovely and entertaining! I'm loving it!! ;)
I am eagerly waiting for what is going to happen!
But she shouldn't murder people if she doesn't want to! But if her husband is under risk, then... well... i guess she has to risk it!
Very well written as Stephie has said! It is sad her life is passing by, just her murdering people. I feel sorry for her, it is NOT her fault!!! But still, i think that man is setting her in a trap, maybe he just made her kill those innocent people on purpose! Maybe he already KILLED Ryan!? AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! Please continue it! My mind it spilling with crazy thoughts spinning all over!! :)

Bubbles of FireWhiskey

cant wait for part three... like i said, "seasoned"...


Hi Nadine,
He...he...My mind too experienced such crazy thoughts when I first started writing it...I'll be posting part 3 soon and you would know :)
I'm so glad I got it correct!


Hi Bubbles,
I'll be posting it soon :P

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