Saturday, May 10, 2008

To My Mother ....

This poem is for my mother on Mother's Day. This was written and published by me earlier as 'Pretty Angel'. Hope you all enjoy it!

When I’m lonely, when I’m distressed
When I don’t understand
What life is and what it means
An angel comes from above and holds my hand

She consoles me and enlightens me
Making me understand what life is
She lays her warm hands over me
Her love is something I can’t miss

This pretty angel is the light of my life
And the gem of my heart
She is none other than my benevolent mother
Someone with whom I can never part!



Great poem...lucky mum!! whoops! new layout...looks great!!


Good one. Happy mothers day.


Hi Nikita,
Yup...New layout as I thought it was about time I changed!
Nopes.....Me...lucky daughter :P


Hi Jaggu,
Thanks :p
happy Mothers day to you too!

Punk master

what a lovely poem.I love to read this u asked my age is 14


that was very sweet! :) loved reading it! nicely done! and the new template is also good. why dont u shift to wordpress?


happy mothers day:)...




Hi Aravind,
Wow! Another young blogger...Glad to be friends with you!
I'm so glad you liked this...every Mom is special :P


Hi Vinni,
This is for ever sweet mom! Happy Mother Day :)
I'm glad you liked the new template....I've been thinking about that since a long time but I can't get hold of wordpress...There are so many features and options that I do not understand! Until I get some real help, I'd better stay here!


Hi Pratap,
Happpy Mothers Day to you too :)


Hi Vishesh,
A lovely smile for you too :D


hi meggy
sorry i was soooo busy in finishing my graduation. now my vacation started today...:)

i had pork intestines in korea
and been to nayan mongia's house :)

do write me an email and i will surely reply withing 12 hours :)


really nice poem but you will agree that nothing exceeds the love of a mother for her child
happy mother's day to all the mothers in this world :)


So sweet a thought for someone so so special .


Hi Meghna, really nice poem. You write really well.
About Nadine's blog, I also had that problem, but you have to put the antispam word by clicking where it says the name. It says "change". You'll see the antispam word there.
Bye!! Keep writing.(I'll contact Nadine)


Hi Aditya,
I'm glad to read your comment..Eeww...pork Intestines! Wow! I wish to have been there with you too...
I'm glad you are back and hope everything is going pretty well

I'll be mailing you soon :P


Hi Anand,
Very nicely said...nothing exceeds the warmth of her love.
happy Mothers Day :)


Hi Tyro,
Thanks :p


Hi Stephi,
Happy Mothers Day :)
Thanks a lot for telling me...I'd been waiting to answer his question but couldn't do so...Thanks a lot once again!


This poem is fabulous and the template is great.
Keep it up sis!


quite a funky theme i must admit,

but not as simple and straightforward as ur poem.

keep writing.


Beautiful poem. Your mom must be touched and proud of you.

Bubbles of FireWhiskey

that is such a touching gesture. btw, tanuj is my bf (cuz you asked.) and im extremely rusty on mothers day because its been 9 years since i had a reason to celebrate this day. but i sent off a message to his mum. and i think she liked it because it was the first time she said called me "betu"... my hello and regards to your mum... tell her i said she has very special daughter...


great one, Meghna! and very touching, too :)

And i like your template :)


Hi Sahefa,
It's so great to hear this from you! I'll certainly do so sis :P Good luck for the exams :D


Hi Gupta,
Wow! Funky...thats a nice word and really sweet of you to say that :D


Hi Jesie,
Yeah, Mom really hugged me hard :D


Hi Bubblles,
I'm so glad you shared this with me. I feel really happy for you :)


Hi Lena,
Thanks a lot :)

Red Phoenix

kewl Layout girl... Am pretty sure u made ur dad jealous on Mothers day... :P


Hi Phoenix,
He..he...thanks a lot for that!
Isn't father's day falling on June 15th??
I'll be glad to make mom jealous then :D

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя

sho shweeet :)

loved to read that..
baby u have got loads of talents


Lovely written about your mother dear, she would be really gladdened to get a sweet and admirable daughter. My very happy wishes to your mom :)


Hi Sourish,
Glad to know that you liked the poem. Thanks.


Hi Jeevan,
Yes, I'm lucky to have a loving mother. Thanks.


Hi Meghna, I've already posted chapter 10! The LAST ONE! Hope you'll enjoy it! I've also written with the story some other news you'll like to know.


Hi Stephi,
Wow! I'm going right now..
I'm really excited :D


Such a pretty poem! You have a new layout I see. It's very modern looking and up beat. Great job!


Hi Meghna!
How lovely, I wrote a post about mother's Day too! Beautiful, your mother would be proud!!! ;)
Stephie has told me about you not being able to comment on my blog because of the anti spam word thing NOT working! I see... that has happened to me before too!! Don't worry, I am NOT angry at you, that is not the kind of friend I am! Keep trying but in the mean time, just comment back on this post and tell me what you think about this idea? Also if you want, you can write in your comment something about one of my posts!! Bye ans it's okay, I understand! ;)


Hi Cindy,
I'm so glad to see your comment...Wow! that's a cool one :)


Hi Nadine,
Glad you liked the poem :)
Yes, I've been trying to comment on your blog but could not do so due to some error and I'm really sorry about that. Could you tell me how I could be back to commenting...(When I press the submit comment button it says please enter the anti-spam word but I can't find it!)
I even knew the answer to the riddle-Andrew!
I'll try to be back soon!


very nice poem!hope u n ur mum had a gr8 mother's day!


psst...........u ve been tagged:P chk my blog n u can copy ques frm thr!


Hi Meghna, thanks for the comment! I'm glad you liked the end! Don't forget to enter the blog regularly because season two is near...
Otherwise, I'll continue posting before season two, about other things...
Can you imagine how season two will be about?? It'll be about love, mistery and murder...:)
Keep visiting and writing!!


Hi Meghna!
Thank god Stephie saved the day! YAY! Now we can stay in good contact my dear good friend!
Beautiful poem, your mum would be VERY proud! I know, mums are very important in life and must be taken care of! Such skillful writing, your hands much have such power as you think mine have too, maybe we are destined writers! :)
Thanks for your comment, I really needed the encouragement! I will tell my mum, you are the sweetest meghna!
My mum is doing fine now too! I pray for you mum as well, to live a long and happy life!!! ;)
P.S I am a girl you know, I haven't told you! Here I'll tell you more about me: I am a 12 year old girl in Australia!zwjw


Hi My thoughts,
I'll try to do it as soon as possible


Hi Stephi,
I'll be just around the corner to your blog :)
I too am very excited!


Hi Nadine,
Oh my, what great things you've said :)
Thanks for all the support Nadine and I'm glad your mom's doing well!
Oh, so you are one year younger than me but much more talent!

Sangeeta Sinha

Hi Nikita. I love your writing so much that I have already subscribed to your blog. Why don't you visit mine and subscribe to my blog? Also read and comment. I am sure you will love reading them. I am also on blogcatalog, mybloglog, technorati, twitter.


Hi Sangeeta,
Thanks a lot and I'm glad you liked my blog and subscribed. By the way, my name is Meghna :)
I'll be dropping by soon and posting a comment!


Moms are really great, aren't they?
They're the best gifts you ever ever ever get!!!


Wow such a lovely poem.!! I am sure your mom will be proud of you. Keep writing :)


@ Adi- Yea!! Totally!

@ Luckson- I hope to make her swell with pride someday, by doing greater things!

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