Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Murder

I woke up that night and saw a huge man standing near the door and his red bloody eyes were staring straight at me….

I rubbed my eyes and when I opened them once again…there was no one. I knew they were the initial hallucinations in this serene and silent night. There were terrible long dark shadows cast around the room as the moon beamed slightly through the windows and the curtains floated wildly in the wind that billowed in through he windows.

The bed creaked loudly in the tranquil ambience making my timorous self jump with fright. I looked around and for the first time ever, every sound I heard made my heart beat faster…..

Slowly yet steadily, I picked up the knife beside my bed and occupied with ammunition…..I walked towards my victim. I saw…lying silently in the darkness and so I cautiously stepped forward….every passing minute seemed like an hour as my sweaty palms fearfully advanced towards the motionless victim…..

There was no sound as I glanced towards the door… one there…so I looked back again…Then I raised my hand and closed my eyes…..silently plunging my knife into the victim…..

I opened my eyes and stared at the huge red patch…Finally I was glad…now I could get a larger piece of the watermelon before anyone woke up!!!!

He…he…what did you think?? Just can’t stop giggling :D



This is a crazy post.
I've not known anyone with such fascination of watermelon!


nice fantasy :)ha ha


haha, a similar thing happened to me, but i was equipped with an axe


A sweet suspense dear, liked more even it tales to screaming hehe...


hii...linking u up!!!....[keep writing]


mr.melon it was?


hehehe...still giggling...;)

black coffee

lol! it was spooky and silly and licely written! :)

Red Phoenix

I want to b ur accomplise.. Can I have the taste of the first blood??? :D
Good post Meghna... Keep it coming

Bubbles of FireWhiskey

damn! that had the makings of a such a great psycho fruit salad!!! lolz... feels good to finally be back after all the travelling...

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя

so much for a
u r crazy sis..but u created a very good start..loved it :)


Hi Pranab,
So here you see one...It's not actually a craze for watermelon but a craze to write something silly :P


Hello Aravind,
Thanks a lot :P


Hello Omega,
Wow! An axe would have been more fun :D


Hi Jeevan,
It's always a pleasure hearing from you! Glad you liked my suspense


Hi Pratap,
Thanks :p


Hello Vishesh,
Yeah...huge, fat, plump Mr. Melon it was! LOL!


Hi Nikita, too...keep smiling :)


Hi Coffee,
Ooo...was it spooky?
It certainly was crazy and funny :P


Hi Poenix,
I'm willing to have you as an abettor for the murder but I'm really sorry...all the blood is mine LOL! :P


Hi Bubbles,
Hey..I thought you had exams! LOL!
Anyways, when the psycho fruit salad with the blood is ready, I'm sure I could offer you some too :D


Hi Sourish Bhaiya,
Hey...I ain't crazy but this story is! Yes...all for the melon :P


That was cute! :)


that was great, cool, super, fantastic, splendid, funny, scary(in the begning :D ), and ummm.... i've run out of words!!
anyways that was one of the best u wrote!


weirdly silly...

Being Bipolar Sucks

You are a smart girl, keep it up


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Hello Sam,
WOW! Are you sure I heard you correct?? Cute??!!
Thanks :P


Hi Rupashri,
Oh dear! Thanks a lot....You actually do not need more words...You've said it all :P


Hi Anand,


Hi Bipopular,
Thanks for that sweet compliment :P


Yet another great story from you, meghna!

And hey, the template looks super cool!Keep rocking!


Hi Jack,
Thanks :P


Hi Ranjhani,
I'm so glad you liked them both! :)


You kept me in suspense until almost the end.

Oh yes, I have tagged you on a great meme. Do come by my blog when you have a chance.

Have a great weekend.


Hi Jesie,
Thats the mystery and then the humor at last :P
I'll be dropping by soon so thanks for the tag!

Punk master

what a lovely poem.I love to read this u asked my age is 14


haaaa watemelon :)
i knda knew it would end this way ;)

n even in tat state of fear, ya think ofthe big piece of melon- ya must be thinkin of food most of teh time, jus like meee :):)


Great tension build up. I thought you where going to kill an innocent person. The watermelon thing is great. Now I want watermelon and the shops are closed today :(


Hi Aravind,
Thanks :)


Hi MAnic,
That was just the idea for it. Tension build up and then something really unexpected..Owww...I do hope you get it soon :)


Hi Rant,
Yes, I love melons and food :)
Hope you enjoy reading it!


ROTFL... yes, itz a crazy story as you told me... :-D watermelon.. :-D he he he btw, why all these ads in the template da?


Hi Anoop,
I thoguht you'll enjoy it , Big Bro. :P
Oh, these are inbuilt ads and I've been trying to remove them! They'll vanish as soon as I can get hold of them!

Distressing Delilah sooo got me!


Hi Deliah,
he...he... :)

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