Thursday, January 31, 2008

The School Of My Dreams!

Every institution has a head of its own. And my school too has a head mistress. A strict yet kind and compassionate lady! She is a great woman but I have at times dreamt about what would happen if this school was run by me? Oh yes, this is what I’m writing about today!

I can imagine standing on that big podium in front of the mike addressing a number of chattering school girls. My first attempt would be to try to make them silent but after a few tries, I retrieve. After all, I too had been a child. What is the harm in letting these excited girls talk for a few minutes before assembly? They are meeting their friends after a two day weekend and they would have so much to tell! So why not allow them?

After sometime, the noise would vanish by itself as the girls become ready to pray. After asking God to shower His holy blessings upon them, they begin the day with the divine blessings of Lord! But as you would imagine them going to classes and beginning studies, I have something else under my sleeves!

The school would not be that same old building with dull colors. It will be all in pink and blue and yellow and bright vibrant colors. I would name it “Fun-Time”. After all, childhood is the best phase of life so I would let the kids enjoy themselves instead of burdening them with loads of books and studies and home-work. I would abolish the system of home-work. A child studies for at least five hours in school so how do you expect him to do her home work too, along with these studies?

I would shorten the duration of every class. Instead of a 30 minutes class, I would make it a 15 minute class. How long can a child look at the same teacher and the same numbers or words. Everyone needs a change and the sooner, the better! I would give a 2 hour interval where the kids can eat a relishing meal and enjoy themselves…play, run about, scream or anything else they want to do!

As you’d expect me to be, instead of a teacher or head-mistress, I would be a friend of the kids. I would help them out in their troubles and try to solve their day-to-day problems. I’d open a Counseling Committee where the kids could consult good teachers about their problems. I would also open a lavish library with a variety of books so the shy ones could enjoy themselves in the company of their good friends.

There would be no examinations and tests until the 10th grade when the student becomes adult enough to handle the examination pressure and enter the competitive world outside. Until then, I would teach the kids to think out of the box. I would try to develop their creative talents and engage them in a variety of extra-curricular activities which they can enjoy!

I would open an Activity Center with a big sports field and gym for the athletes. There would be a T.V room so a child would not miss her favorite programs due to school. But a child would only be allowed to watch a half an hour show during the whole school time. This means I would underline the importance of self-discipline but not lay stress upon the students.

My school would be a place where the kids could enjoy themselves and learn too, but not from those heavy text-books but with interactive teachers and natural surroundings. My school of dreams would be a place where every child would like to be. It would change the meaning of school for every kid, instead of boring studies and stuff; it would be a place of friendship, joy and merriment!

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I am a lover of children's literature

Sounds like an interesting idea for a school, but I'm not too sure it would work? No doubt schools can be improved upon, but you must remember: Childhood comes with an expiry date, so schools must teach children how to prepare for a happy and productive adulthood, which, by the way, normally lasts a lot longer than their childhood.

Schools must do a better job of making children learn in an entertaining way, like some video games do - they are fun and actually teach about important things such as language, reading, etc.

Children must be taught what is good for them, not what they think is good for them. As a child, one's perceptions of the world around them is usually a far cry from realities of the world. Children need to learn discipline and respect for authority, even if that authority is only human and thus imperfect!

In other words: Children must be led, not lead! Children can be as intelligent as an adult, but lacking the wisdom and knowledge that can only come with age, you may find that as you grow older, your thoughts presented in your post will change as you grow into a wonderful young, happy and productive woman!


i guess these adults would never let you run a school, you just ruined the whole system of education :D
Cute post!!
You have an award at my blog :)


meghz, do let me know whn u start the school. i will send my kids there :-D let them enjoy.. if ever I start a school, there wont b any punishments, homeworks and exams.. :-D


Hi Don,
I think I agree with you. It's always better if elders lead the children on the right path and guide them through lives, but don't you think, at time they get a bit more keen to teach a child that they forget...this young one is after all..a child?
Thanks for the good lesson you've given me. I'll always keep this in mind especially when i think of opening a school! :D


Hi lena,
I've got no problem with the adults. After all, they too think of my betterment. But when i become an adult...I'll think of opening this school! Thanks :D


Hey Anoop,
I'll be sure to take in your children. I'll also make sure that they enjoy! After all, their dad would be one who wants them to enjoy too! :D


If ever you create this school and run it, I would be glad to become a student again just to be in this school! :D


Hi Meghna!
Great post! Keep writing...


hmmm...can i get admission as well??...

b/w..done wth ur tag dear!


Hi Stephi,
Thank you so much! :D


Hi neha,
I'm glad you did it so soon!


Hi mrinn,
Your comment makes me so happy. So, i've got many takers fro my school, eh? Thanks...


sounds good, but the 15 it an hour...30 min of teaching...and work...30 min of fun! what about!

vagabond dreamer

is it an all girls school or can i go back to school there

Laila Hussein

I am amazed by your writing skills! keep it up!


Hey nikita,
Another nice idea there! I'll sure think about this! Thanks :S


Hi Dreamer,
Hey actually it 'was' an all girls school but now I think it is for any kid..mind you...KID...he..he..You are sure welcome there!


Hi laila,
I'm glad you liked it! Thanks :D


Wow that's a nice idea for a school!Hope you start one in the future someday :)


Hi Sam,
I'm glad you liked it! Do I have you as another entrant for the school?


Hey its trever from the blogging competition can i ask you a question do you think life was easier in the 19th or 21st century please coment bac on my blog


its trever again my blog url is


Hi Trevor- Thanks for dropping by and commenting! I think it is much "easier" of course in 21st century :)


Can i get Second chance and go Back to school again!!!

I miss my School Days...:(

Nice Post.


whoa! That's a cool post Meghna! I really like this post! :) That's all from sonia.. :D


u look awsum ... ! bt in wch standard u r ..?


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beautiful writing. made us dreaming for the same school.

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