Thursday, July 9, 2009


Inside its heart, lies the impeccable shine
Nobleness is its virtue divine
Doting mother to one and all alike
It gave us birth, it gave us praise
Around the world, none is a country so great

Mother to all, Goddess to me
Yours is an undying jubilee

My heart fills with tears of joy
O my Mother, can I deny?
The love you gave, the food and shelter
Helping hand to each of your daughter
Ecstatic is one born to Thee
Roam the world, see all that is to see; but our India is the love tree

Hello there,
hey....I know its my millionth time asking for forgiveness for being so irregular with my blog. But how can I help? You guys seriously need to goad n complain to my principal about the teacher giving so much of home-work….and now, there’s the Unit Test Week coming up too….what can I do?

But I hope you cope up, and not miss a single spot of your darling teenager and hey, don’t worry…..I’ll be leaving my comments at your place soon…..whizzzz…….watch me come :P

Hope you like this :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Best Movie!

Hello friends,

How have you all been? As you must have rightly guessed- I’m finally back from my long trip. Oh…..what do I say? It was really a blast…but better less talked about before I get nostalgic about the wonderful memories. And I suppose I’m not wrong to guess too that my articulate readers might also have guessed that now I’m busy with my holiday homework which include (let me tell you) six projects, 2 surveys and 5-10 written assignments. Arghhhhhh

Now, the day after I arrived- I was as incoherent as you can imagine, for I decided to begin my studies with the most abominable subject ever- History (and the only one frequently humored by me). I would not say the subject is as abominable as the one teaching the subject at school. You can believe me when I say she has some personal problem with me and endures me to her revenge (at me talking or sleeping too much) most often.

I drowsily turned the pages as page 34 suddenly caught my attention. Instead of the dull pictures of mughals and kings with horses and swords, today there stood a picture of me smiling savagely and before my eyes popped out, my figure blurred and changed into the face of a stern wrinkled old lady in an unknown home.

I watched the page with rapped attention as the most astounding movie unveiled before me. I saw my old figure turn as I heard my History teacher (yes, can you believe it?) call out, “Mom, its getting late- I’m leaving. Those scoundrels at school must be creating a racket.” I then heard myself say, “Enough Lalita. All you care about is you school and kids. Give them and yourself a break. Its not long before I join my brigade in heaven abode so please take today off and lets spend a mother-daughter day (OMG!!! I’m her mother? Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww)”

She stared at me as if I had spoken gibberish and seeing the expression, I smirked back and then as if by magic, her features softened as she mumbled, “Of course ma.” “Okay, put that bag down and make me a good ginger tea and oh…these old legs are aching like hell, please put some oil and massage my hands and legs.” Her face wavered as she nodded numbly……and in fifteen minutes I was having a cup of hot soothing tea while my teacher massaged my legs (ROFL!! I still cannot believe it).

After the half hour ordeal Lalita (Ma’am) herself complained of her hands paining and went and sat on the couch. I began troubling, or actually revenging, her again. “Dear, I have a list of books I need to read. Can you please go down to the market and buy them,” I said and handed her a list of 40-50 non-existing books. “But Ma, it’s 1 in the noon and we haven’t had lunch; also it’s scorching hot outside”, she protested. “Don’t blabber back at me girl”, I rebuked. She nodded unwillingly again and took to the door.

I enjoyed the empty home in front of the television with a bucketful of extra-butter popcorn and pizzas ordered from a leading store. It took Lalita (ma’am) four hours to return home famished and report back that none of the leading (15 stores) she visited had the books available. I scolded her again and also remarked how dumb she was not to have eaten from a restraint and come for she knows my old age would not permit me to make food. She just made a face and slept like a log for five –six hours. Ahhh…I would have wished to do so much more….the maid came meanwhile but I ordered her to go home.

When Lalita awoke, I informed her that the maid had taken her day off….and then remarked how dirty the house was, compelling her to sweep and clean the three bedroom apartments. I scolded her for a speck of dirt in every corner and finally when she made a salt-less dinner (and heard rebukes from me again) she went to sleep after a troubling day!!

Poor child (I say so only coz I am so BENEVOLENT: P), I thought as I saw her sleeping angel-like innocent face….

But don’t let looks deceive you, I thought ……….and then alas. The wretched fan above me flipped the morose History book to another page and my wonderful movie was shattered….

This is just the beginning…I hope to continue troubling her (as she does to me) at school too….(any prank ideas?)….I smiled to myself thinking of this as the best short movie till date

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Terrorism : The Aftermath. The Other Side Of The Story

We all know that the threat of terrorism has now become more deadly. Everyday, we read about it in newspapers, see on TV screens, watch movies on such themes or discuss about it in our daily life.

This is a fictional dedication to all terrorist victims at the recent Mumbai blast.

This is about the other side of the story of the aftermath of terrorism.

Ronny could not stop the tears from flowing as he turned to the end of the letter. He let them flow, starching the faded ink on the almost torn paper. He let his tears be soaked in his shirt and the paper. He had no qualms.

He remembered little Ronny flipping through a faded photo album. The album in his hand was old and faded pages almost yellow and crumpled. Ronny was only 7 years old then.

Ronny’s mother came from the kitchen and gave a scream of exclamation when she saw the album in his hands. She hurriedly snatched it from his hands and let the glass of milk spill on the floor. Turning a deaf ear to her son’s cries, she took strong hold of one of the pictures Ronny was holding and placed it away, on a high shelf and rebuked him for touching things that were not meant for him.

Ronny still remembered the photograph though. It was the photo of a man, well-built and tall. He was fair, with silky hair that fell on his forehead and gave him a mystic charming appeal. He wore subtle specs and had a handsome personality on the whole.

Some years later, when Ronny was fifteen, some men in green uniforms visited his house. They were abominable looking people and though Ronny was a big strong boy then, he forsook the door to his mother.

Then what happened was unbelievable.

The men pulled up his mother, her scream renting a horrible ambience to the air. They pulled her away as she turned towards him and gave a long loud wail which was untimely stifled as the men pushed her into the car and drove off. Ronny stood there staring….. as if it was the scene of a movie going on.

The next few years were spent in turmoil and confusion. The brilliant student, Ronny missed a year or two. Soon after what happened to his mother, his uncle rescued him and took him away to a foreign land.

His Uncle and Aunt gave him all the care and love that he desired, but it was different from mom- there was SYMPATHY in their love.


After reading through the tear stained letter more than once, he then took the small bottle of sleeping tablets that lay nearby. And before gobbling them, he wrote a letter too. Another one….. and then…all was over. His eyes closed, blood dripped from his mouth and it was the last letter and last breath of Ronny’s life.

In his letter he wrote:

Dear all,

I’m Ronny. I’m sure there is no surprise about the name. You must have heard it pretty often, eh? I’m all around the news as I’m the new fodder for media.

When I was young, I thought I was playing the negative role in some movie, for though I studied hard and did well, no school gave me admission.

I did not loose hope. I studied at home; unaware of what was happening around. I qualified as much or much more than you can in a university. Though I was most capable, none of the companies gave me a job. I neglected their atrocities and looked at life positively, always wondering if something was wrong in me.

I never read newspapers or opened news channels for my Uncle had denied me the pleasure. I agreed, for he was the one who gave me LIFE. They always told me my mother was alive, but though I couldn’t see her. She sent me a letter on every birthday.

Today is my twentieth birthday and in today was the last day of mother’s life. I’m happy for her…. for the end of her sufferings and a blissful life in HEAVEN.

But the letter she sent. That is what hurts.

My father, a terrorist? The handsome young man in the photo that I accidentally stumbled upon when I was seven? No not possible!

But it is so! That’s the reason why life disowned me …. friends deserted me, intellectual general people spoke ill of me? Is that why? But what did I do?? What is wrong in me?

I know the answer, MY FATE IS HORRIFIC. Alas! I was born to the family of a man who was a rebel. But what did mom do? Why did you do that to her??

Enough! I cannot take anymore for father’s sins. I cannot suffer. Oh lord, I come to thee hoping You to be more caring than these animals on Earth.



If you do not care enough for yourselves, for other common people, do think a minute about YOUR OWN FAMILY which has to suffer due to your sins.

You can also read: "Pages From A Diary" - an imaginary journal of an 18 year old boy affected by terrorism attack and "Tonight" - a short poem dedicated to Mumabi Terror Victims.

Monday, May 18, 2009

How's Life?

It has been a long long time since I updated you about my school and life, eh?? I always do forget it amidst my hectic life these days.

To begin with, as you all are thinking, my summer holidays haven’t begin yet!! Yea.….I can hear you gasp….I just hope you can hear me cry too. It’s not that I have a problem with going to school and studying; the only problem is with waking up early and the scorching heat. We always ignored the texts in our E.Ed books telling us about global warming, but now surely we feel the toll :(

Waking up at 5 am and then getting back home in the heat is a real ordeal. The school is only open for classes nine, ten eleven and twelfth by the way. So does that mean we

don’t feel the heat? Some one needs to understand that even though we are SUPPOSED to be grown ups……we do feel HOT!!!

Life is not a bed of roses, eh!

Life isn't a bed of roses

The teachers are just rushing with the vast syllabus. There’s too much of course to cover and too less time to do it. :|

There’s the annual concert coming up after these hols (which begin on the 21st of May) and its only thing which keeps us excited through the day. The preparations are in full swing :D

My partner (the girl sitting next to me) is really going crazy. She’s as sweet as honey but really insane!. She keeps scribbling on my hand!! Yea…can you believe it? She does all the calculations on my hand, even after I offer her rough sheets. LOL! And in the History and Hindi period when everyone including me is asleep she’s wide awake, any guesses doing what??

Scribbling on the part of my arms left after her calculations. She draws everything- from power puff girls, to flowers, to balloon and writing my name. And my arms are a scene you bet!

I’m basically completing my home assignments these days. After reaching class nine, I’ve no time….seriously!! You need to submit your chemistry practical file on Mondays, complete with 2-3 experiments. We get almost 20 sums in Maths. Then Tuesdays are busy for submission of Physics practical manuals, with 4-5 experiments. Wednesdays and Thursdays we have Hindi projects. Then Friday we have a History class test or Geography test. So you can imagine me sitting like an owl till 12 midnight completing all this stuff…..awww…And then you need to study by your own self too! Oh God!

I don’t even get time to read good novels!

You see how life is. I’m really in its traps. But I know it’ll all be a happy ending as soon as holidays begin (not denying, we have at least 28 holiday assignments)

And the good news is, I’m going out of town on the 21st. I am going to Kerala and will return by June 13th. Am really awaiting for the day to leave…..though I know I’ll miss all you guys but if I do get a chance, I promise to keep posting as much as possible from down south.


Monday, May 11, 2009


11:30 am

It’s the greatest day in the world- why not? After all, India finally won the most coveted match against Australia. We SHOULD have a celebration- a GRAND one that is!

And who else, better than ME who arranges for the party and the celebrations? I AM the self confessed greatest cricket fan and lover ever!!! Go INDIA Go : )


Hello DJ (short for DHANANJAY)?

Yes yes….I’m very happy about the win, it was by a great margin too. A fabulous play by the boys!

Yes, so I was thinking why not have a celebration?

At my house.

I’ll arrange for the music and food.

But look, the party will be incomplete without fireworks marking India’s win.

Guessed it right bro. This is where I need your help.

Can you arrange for all the fireworks and manage the fire display? I’ll be grateful.

Yes thanks dude. An hour, right?


12:10 pm

One thing managed, now let me get to my work.

1:00 pm

Invites- DONE

2:00 pm

Food- Arranged

3:00 pm

Invites- SENT

4:00 pm

Music and DJ (Disk Jockey)- ARRANGED

5:00 pm

Lunch and Rest- Weewww! DONE


All set.

Now I gotta go and get ready

9:00 pm

Party begins in full swing. The fire display by DJ is the greatest rave throughout the party

11:30 pm

Senile residents near by call to complain about the loud music and fire display but calls ignored

12:00 midnight

A rocket goes and hits the roof of neighbor’s shed. DJ runs away and so do most invitees so that they don’t get into trouble.

12:30 am

The shed burns down. Neighbors out of town and others are all asleep. I go myself and somehow manage to douse the fire.

01:00 am

I decide to peek inside and check what was destroyed. I have a peek and

01:04 am

OMG! My cricket gear all burned black and blue…..I remember I had rented this shed from Mrs. Kabadia a week ago to store my lavish cricket gear which has all now blown up in ashes !

This is what happens to those who trouble their neighbors late at night over wins in petty cricket matches. (Don’t dispute me here- not even cricket lovers please!) And Oh my! The ongoing IPL-season 2 matches are really a scare with my crazy cricket loving neighbors and brother !!

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